The Agronomy Scholars Program



How does having income during college plus a job waiting for you upon graduation sound? You'll be able to accomplish both of these goals as part of the NCTA's Agronomy Scholars Program. The Agronomy Scholars Program integrates the curriculum at NCTA with a progressive internship experience. Students pursuing Agronomy, or Diversified Management options of the Agricultural Production Systems major are eligible. Current internship partners include Ag Valley Coop, and Cargill.

There are some incredible benefits to becoming an Agronomy Scholar:

  • The internship partner will reimburse tuition and fees up to $2,100 per semester provided the student maintains a 2.5 GPA at NCTA and fulfills the internship obligations. 
  • Scholars will receive 2 paid internships. The first internship will occur during the summer between the student's first and second year at NCTA. The second internship will be for a one year period after the student completes their second year at NCTA.
  • At the conclusion of the second internship, students will have the opportunity to interview for a permanent position with the internship partner.

Agronomy Scholars Program Overview (PDF)

Download Agronomy Scholars Application (PDF) 


Agronomy Scholars Corporate Partners