Dual Credit and Distance Learning


The Dual Credit and Distance Learning  Program has been established for juniors and seniors in high school to obtain a dual credit college course at a reduced rate and in many cases will transfer into other institutions. The tuition currently for in-state and out-of-state residence is $43.75 per credit hour for high school students. The students should hold a 3.0 GPA; if the student is below the GPA we will need the counselor's approval to take the course.

Many of these courses are also offered to current and future students that are not enrolled in high school through the on-line format. The credit hour fee will be based on the regular credit hourly tuition rate for non-high school participants.

All courses are offered through the online Blackboard Course Management System. The courses contain lectures with voice-overs, laboratory assignments, homework assignments, online quizzes and tests.

The Access College Early Scholarship (ACE) is also available for Nebraska high school students taking the concurrent enrollment courses. To qualify for this scholarship the parents/student has experienced hardship as indicated on the application or qualifies for the federal benefit program.

For more information about the courses offered please call the NCTA Admissions Office.

 For More Information

Dual Credit Book 2014-2015

Application for Instructors

 Dual Credit and Distance Learning Instructor Registration Form

High School Students Application

Dual Credit and Distance Learning Application





The ACE scholarship application is available here . This scholarship is available to high school students who wish to enroll in concurrent enrollment courses.

Please follow this link fir more information:


Please send applications to: 

NCTA Continuing Education Office   
404 East 7th St.
Curtis, NE  69025
Tina Smith-  Coordinator


 Faculty Benefits

  • Pre-prepared Curriculum
  • Lab Assignments and Exams Provided by NCTA Faculty
  • Lectures Provided with Voice-Over
  • Flexibility in Teaching Courses
  • Courses Offered On-line through Blackboard Management System

 Student Benefits

  • Reduced Course Costs ($43.75 per credit hour)
  • Earn College Credit in High School
  • Credit Transfers to Other Colleges
  • Jump Start Your Degree