The NCTA Agribusiness major focuses on the fundamentals of agribusiness operations including accounting, finance, marketing and management. Throughout their studies, students are required to utilize computer applications and are exposed to a wide variety of business software. Diversity has been built into the Agribusiness major which allows students the opportunity to tailor their program of study. A number of options are available to meet student needs and there is room in the program for elective courses from other majors on campus.

An Agribusiness major complements all other majors offered at NCTA and many students choose to minor or double major in this area.

One in four jobs in the state of Nebraska is connected to agriculture. Of those jobs, three out of four are in agribusiness and not production agriculture.  "Agribusiness is everyone's business," said Krystle Friesen, NCTA Agribusiness Division Chair. "We are excited to integrate entrepreneurship across the curriculum. We want to prepare our students to enter the work force with management skills and hopefully, the desire to start their own business."

Classroom and laboratory experiences enhance agribusiness students' abilities to solve real world problems. NCTA agribusiness majors are in high demand with each student averaging 3-5 job offers upon graduation.


Management: Prepares a student for entry-level management positions in businesses that serve ag producers. Students become proficient in business practices including accounting, management and economics.

Office Systems: Graduates have the capabilities to run an efficient office with a knowledge base that includes organizational skills and database creation and utilization.

Veterinary Office Management: Combination of office systems with a background in veterinary technology, terminology and practices.

Associate of Science Transfer Option: Students wishing to continue their education at a 4-year college or university may earn an Associate of Science transfer degree in Agribusiness Management.


Business Builder Program

The central focus on entrepreneurship in the NCTA curriculum has created a new way of thinking at NCTA.  Instead of just preparing its students for positions in Nebraska agriculture, NCTA faculty are now preparing students to develop small businesses to take home to rural Nebraska.  Click on this link to learn more about NCTA's Business Builder Program.

Rural Community Career Develpment

A coalition between the University, communities and high schools is necessary for a plan of action to be successful in saving the small communities in Nebraska.

The process begins with a college level course delivered to high school juniors and seniors. The course helps students investigate what their career aspirations are and what career options are available in their community. Then, with the help of a teacher and an economic development specialist, the student identifies a mentor who will help them develop a career path that will bring them back to their home community after college.

Business and agriculture enterprise owners and professionals within your community need to think about their succession and retirement plans. Is there a place for a young person in your business?

The career plans developed between community business owners and high school junior and seniors will include higher education requirements, business and professional plans, financing and experiential learning through summer internships and employment in your county. View flyer here.

Positions Filled by Agribusiness Management Graduates:

  • Commodity Broker
  • Grain Merchandiser
  • Marketing Manager
  • Insurance Agent
  • Business Manager
  • Journalist/Editor
  • Agriculture Sales
  • Web Page Designer
  • Loan Officer
  • Livestock Buyer
  • Retail Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Technical Service Representative
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Agribusiness Office Manager
  • Food Buyer
  • Small Business Owner
  • Veterinary Office Manager