Agriculture Production Systems

In the ever-changing environment of production agriculture, NCTA strives to introduce students to the latest science, technology and techniques. The Agriculture Production Systems major trains students in the fundamentals of livestock production, equine industry, animal health, equipment and natural resource management.

The major is an interdisciplinary program which involves faculty in a number of departments on campus working together using crops, livestock, computers and equipment. The curriculum integrates production with business, management and marketing aspects of agriculture. Courses offer experience in crop production, equipment, animal science, conservation, business and computers to provide a well-rounded education. Students can specialize their education in one of four different options with the opportunity to further meet their educational needs by choosing an emphasis area within the option. The college farm (561.68 acres) is used as a laboratory for courses and is constantly evolving to include new crops for students to work with. State-of-the-art livestock working facilities and faculty with over 100 years of livestock experience combined, provide the ideal environment to foster learning.

The opportunities to learn outside of the traditional classroom enhance the program of study at NCTA and provide students with a truly unique education. Experience in real world settings provide Agriculture Production students with the skills needed to successfully gain employment upon graduation.


Associate of Applied Science Degree Options

Ag Equipment Management
  • For students interested in the equipment industries that support agriculture.
Agronomy Industry Management
  • For students interested in crop production or the industries, (seed, chemical, crop scouting), that support crop production. 
Equine Industry Management
  • For students interested in horses and related industries.
Livestock Industry Management
  • For students interested in ranch operating, feedlot operations, or industries that support livestock production.
Diversified Management
  • For students interested in an education that integrates crop production courses with livestock management courses.

Associate of Science (Transfer) Degree Options

Agriculture Education
Animal Science
Grazing Livestock


Specialty Programs

100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage
100 Acre Farm Ownership Advantage
Agronomy Scholars
Irrigation Technician Concentration


Positions Filled by Agriculture Production Systems Graduates:

  • Owner/Operator of Row Crop Operation
  • Owner/Operator of Livestock Operation
  • Artificial Insemination Specialist
  • Livestock Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Sales Representative
  • Quality Control Specialist
  • Feedlot Manager
  • Crop/Soil Consultant
  • Commodity Organization Employee
  • Equine Breeding Facility Manager
  • Research Technician
  • Livestock Buyer
  • USDA Meat Grader
  • Swine Production Unit Manager
  • Equine Barn Manager
  • Livestock/Health Provider
  • Crop Production Specialist
  • Precision Agriculture Consultant
  • Assistant Farm/Ranch Manager