The University of Nebraska - Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) is a two year public college of the University of Nebraska system first serving the students and people of Nebraska, but also the nation and the world. Since its founding in 1968, NCTA has evolved into a quality institution of higher education, committed to excellence in program offerings, responsive to a dynamically changing agricultural industry and aspirations of a diverse student population.

Mission Statement:

The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA), an institution of higher learning, is dedicated to the development of innovative individuals for the agriculture industry and related sciences.

Vision Statement:

NCTA leads rural community development through technical agriculture in a global economy.

Value Statements:

  • NCTA values Nebraska’s agriculture industry and its role in the global economy.
  • NCTA values the application of science through technology.
  • NCTA values entrepreneurship both on and off campus.
  • NCTA values the rural lifestyle and revitalizing rural communities.
  • NCTA values all people and their development.

Goals of NCTA:

  • NCTA will develop the entrepreneurship theme throughout the institution.
  • NCTA will develop new academic programming that enhances NCTA’s mission.
  • NCTA will develop a model for sharing resources between NCTA and the West Central Research and Extension Center.
  • During the next five years NCTA Student Services will increase its recruitment and retention rates while adding additional services important to the success of NCTA students.

NCTA will update the 2001 articulation and transfer agreements with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.
NCTA will improve the quality of the living and learning environment on campus substantially over the next five years

NCTA Assessment

The Campus-wide Assessment Committee in cooperation with the NCTA Dean and Associate Dean will oversee the institutional assessment of all academic programs. NCTA’s assessment is on-line and a living document. Assessment begins with a commitment to excellence in student academics, life, and success measured in part through the assessment of the NCTA Values and IANR priorities identified above:

This new website is part of our new centralized assessment process that organizes and measures student learning outcomes, and reports the data for these outcomes.