NCTA Food Services

NCTA’s food services are located in two locations on campus. The first location is Aggie Dining located in East Residence Hall. The cafeteria offers full menus including a variety of entrees, a salad bar, soft-serve ice cream, soft drinks, juices and milk. Breads and desserts complete the menu choices.

If you are on the run to class, you can stop by The Deli located in “The Barn” and grab a quick sandwich and a drink on your way to the Education Center.

Changes can be made to meal plans through the first week of classes each semester with the Residence Life Manager.

Food Services are closed during holiday breaks and spring break. Students living in the residence halls must have a meal plan. There are three plans offered by the cafeteria that range from 14 to 23 meals per week.

Occasionally a student cannot eat in the cafeteria due to schedule conflicts, illness, travel or time constraints. In the case of sickness, sick trays may be obtained through the Food Services Manager. As for field trips, or schedule conflicts (class or work), sack lunches will be available.
The cafeteria staff asks that you give advance notice if you wish to obtain a sack lunch by calling them at 367-5246.

Dining at the NCTA Cafeteria is not limited to those students who live on campus. Off-campus students may purchase meal plans as well.

Some students need a four-course meal to get them through their full class loads. Others open their eyes with a simple bottle of soda or a candy bar before having their minds opened in class. Still others carefully plan their meals just as seriously as they plan their careers. Whatever your personal approach to eating - everyone at NCTA finds a time, a place and a menu to enrich their bodies while enriching their minds. Whether it’s a hamburger from the local cafe, a vending machine snack or a well-balanced meal, there’s a wide variety of choices to please any palate.