Saddle Up Nebraska

Saddle Up Nebraska ( is a new monthly equine magazine based out of NCTA and Midwest Messenger. The first issue was released in January 2010. Since then the magazine has been growing and adjusting to the interests of readers. Saddle Up features topics of interest to the equine industry in Nebraska with articles on horse events, Nebraska 4-H’ers, equine news, research and human interest stories. Some of NCTA’s very own faculty have published in Saddle Up, including Jo Bek, Cory Reng, Judy Bowmaster and Eric Reed.

Saddle Up Nebraska is seeking more input and article ideas from readers. One way students can help is by checking out the Saddle Up Nebraska Facebook page and submiting questions for the “Ask A Vet” column and posting ideas for articles they would like to see in future isssues. Students who are interested can also write articles for Saddle Up Nebraska and have them published by contacting Assistant Professor and Saddle Up Nebraska News Editor Eric Reed.

“Students in College Composition will write at least one article for the magazine this semester,” said Reed. “This will give them a chance to improve their writing skills by writing for readers across the state instead of composing assignments solely for my classroom.

“Talented student writers have already seen their work in print, including Noel Ochoa, Katrina Rotness, Brittany Weber, Tiffany Taylor and others,” said Reed.

Readers can receive a 1 year subscription for $15 at the Saddle Up Nebraska website (

Horse Show Teams

Riding horses, as a hobby or for a living, is one thing that students of “Curtis, America,” can agree on loving. A few courses at NCTA allow students to experience the horse in its majestic form. One course, called Horse Show Team Seminar, allows students to participate in Inter-collegiate Horse Show Association competitions.

There are several Horse Show Teams at NCTA and include the Equestrian team,  Hunt Seat team, Stock Seat team and  the Ranch Horse team.


Equestrian Show with Horse Team member jumping

NCTA Ranch Horse Team image

NCTA Preliminary Schedule of Horse Events

Everett Stencell Livestock Teaching Center Indoor Arena


September 28Equestrian Team-Shiny Show
October 10-11Ranch Horse Team-Les Vogt Horsemanship Clinic
October 12-13Ranch Horse Team-Les Vogt Horsemanship Clinic
October 26-27Ranch Horse Team/Equestrian Team-Sherman Tegtmeier Horsemanship Clinic
November 16-17Ranch Horse Team-Ranch Horse Show
January 25-26Ranch Rodeo Team/Ranch Horse Team/Rodeo Team-Ranch Rodeo
February 1-2Equestrian Team-IHSA Western Show
February 8-9Ranch Horse Team/Equestrian Team-Sherman Tegtmeier Horsemanship Clinic
February 22-23Ranch Horse Team-Ranch Horse Show
April 12Equestrian Team-Shaggy Show

********************Always call first, events can be added or deleted********************

***Don't Forget New Bio-Security Rules***

(Coggins Test, Eastern, Western, West Nile, Flu, Rhino)


Roy Cole (308) 367 - 5285
Joanna Hergenreder (308) 367 - 5291
Bridger Chytka (308) 367 - 5284
Jan Price (308) 367 - 5293

Outside Events We Travel To

October 11-13CSU, Silver Jubilee Ranch Horse Show, Fort Collins, CO
December 4-8ASHA Region 5 Championship Ranch Horse Show, Denver, CO
December 4-8ASHA National Ranch Horse Show, Denver, CO
February 1-3Black Hills Stock Show, Ranch Horse Show, Rapid City, SD
March 2CSU, ASHA Collegiate Ranch Horse Show, Fort Collins, CO???
March 14-16LCCC, ASHA Open and Collegiate Ranch Horse Show, Cheyenne, WY???
April 11-12ASHA Collegiate National Finals, Pueblo, CO
May 2-4NJC, ASHA Open and Collegiate Ranch Horse Show, Sterling, CO???




Shiny Show

By Amanda Castle, Editor

Published in Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture AGGIE UP!, September 27, 2012

The NCTA Equestrian Team welcomed back participants and their horses for the NCTA Shiny Show on Sunday, September 16th, at the Livestock Teaching Center, where different events took place in the arena.
The events varied throughout the show. There was the more traditional class setting. First, the day started with English riding classes. Then participants showed off their skills afoot with the Showmanship classes. After that came about the Western Riding classes. Ending with Trail and Reining. Then it was the “fun events” such as the Egg and Spoon class and the Speed Events. In the Egg and Spoon class, participants had to balance an egg in their spoon while riding their horses in all of the gaits.
The NCTA Shiny Show was a part of the Greater Nebraska 4-H Show Circuit, and followed the Nebraska 4-H rules. There were four age divisions and three classes that offered a walk-trot option. The fee was minimal at $5.00 per class or $40.00 to ride all day. Also, the NCTA Safari Club provided a concession stand.
Joanna Hergenreder, a key figure in putting the show on, said, “The day overall was good. We had a good turn-out and had fun. Though it was quiet and not many participants showed up today, it was a good start for the Equestrian Team for this year. Next year, we decided it would be best to have the show on a Saturday in hopes for a better turn out.”