Student interest generates the sports that are played in the NCTA Intramural Sports. Men and women participate in basketball, volleyball, flag football and softball every year. Other activities like; ladder golf, bocce ball, Texas Hold’ Em, Wii and Xbox 360 tournaments are also held.

Student Activities Mission Statement

Student Activities is a member of the Division of Student Services. Student Activities joins in partnership with the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture to improve the quality of life for students, faculty, staff, by providing desired recreational programs and services.

To accomplish this mission, Student Activities:
• provides diversity in programming & employment opportunities to meet the changing needs and interests of users;
• maintains safe, well supervised programs to ensure opportunity for participation by all;
• promotes the development of knowledge, interests and behaviors that lead to a healthy lifestyle; and

Intramural Sports Program

The Intramural Sports Program offers NCTA students faculty, and staff the opportunity to actively participate in sports by providing an arena in which participants can compete against one another in a safe, friendly environment. It is our goal to provide at least one activity during the school year that appeal to every student, a sport for everyone and everyone in a sport. Competition is organized according to the type of activity: team sports, individual sports, dual sports, tournaments, and meets. So get some friends together, and sign up for your favorite sports! Remember, this is your program!