Specialty Programs at NCTA

100 Acre Farm Advantage Program

The University of Nebraska College of Technical Agricul-ture (NCTA) in cooperation with its sister institution, the West Central Research and Extension Center (WCREC), has a long tradition of serving the Nebraska agricultural industry. This service includes agricultural research and the extension of that research information through aca-demic programs located at NCTA and distributed throughout Nebraska through University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension programs. Combined, NCTA and WCREC maintain over 15,000 acres of crop and range land, 650 cows, and teaching facilities that include an in-door arena, horse barn, cattle handling facilities, a confer-ence center, and a large array of classrooms and teaching laboratories. NCTA is dedicated to providing its students with a dynamic education in agriculture and an under-standing of vital economic factors that are important to rural Nebraska’s future. NCTA’s students will continue to make a huge impact on Nebraska agriculture.

100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage program

NCTA's 100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage program has been created to provide a forum where students, parents, employers, and agencies can come together to create successful business plans and ranch transfer programs. For the past two decades, state and federal agencies, legislatures, and commodity groups have worked hard to develop programs that encourage the transfer of agricultural enterprises to the next generation.

The Agronomy Scholars Program

How does having income during college plus a job waiting for you upon graduation sound? You'll be able to accomplish both of these goals as part of the NCTA's Agronomy Scholars Program. The Agronomy Scholars Program integrates the curriculum at NCTA with a progressive internship experience. Students pursuing Agronomy, Precision Agriculture or Diversified Management options of the Agricultural Production Systems major are eligible. Current internship partners include All Points Cooperative, Frenchman Valley Coop, Ag Valley Coop, and Cargill.

Business Builders Program

The key to this program is to have the NCTA graduates return to rural Nebraska with an interest and assets large enough that they will be viewed as more than a key employee, new student, or third-party owner. Another positive aspect of the program is that students mature rapidly when they are trusted with a substantial asset. This is good for the graduate and for the community.

Combat Boots to Cowboy Boots

Combat Boots to Cowboy Boots is a University of Nebraska - Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) program designed to assist eligible military personnel, their families and armed forces veterans to become Farmers, Ranchers, and Business Entrepreneurs in their next careers. Combat Boots to Cowboy Boots utilizes existing programs funded by the federal Department of Agriculture, Small Business Administration, Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and various state and local agencies to create successful business succession plans that match participants with existing farm/business/ranch owners.