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Dean Dr Ron Rosati

Welcome to the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. Our college has a unique mission in the University of Nebraska system. We focus on tangible learning activities and hands-on education relevant to modern agricultural careers. At the end of a day of classes, students can look back on the past few hours and clearly see that they have developed specific skills that are immediately useful in various agricultural endeavors.

We prepare students to be leaders and entrepreneurs in agricultural industries and we do so in a warm and friendly environment. Our college is small, easy to navigate, and very welcoming to our students. The college is located in the small town of Curtis which is very supportive of NCTA students and college activities. We treat students, faculty, staff and other members of our college community with respect and kindness.

An important component of the mission of the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is to provide residents of Nebraska and surrounding states with access to higher education services. We give students the opportunity to succeed in college. Once students arrive on campus, our faculty and staff work very hard to help them achieve success. We provide opportunity academically, socially and financially. We are an open admissions institution. We keep the cost of tuition low to make higher education more affordable. Over the past three years 91% of NCTA students have received financial aid. On average, Nebraska residents getting financial aid have received grant and scholarship awards that exceeded the cost of tuition and fees by $700 per year. After paying their bill for tuition and fees, most in-state students received a check for more than $700 to be used to pay for rent, food, transportation, books and other expenses associated with living and going to college.

After graduating, students express satisfaction with their education at NCTA. Of the students completing the 2012 – 2013 student opinion survey, 76% indicated they would choose NCTA if they were to start college over again, 79% reported their impression of NCTA was good or excellent, and 85% said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the preparation they received for their occupation. Five years after graduation, of those completing the graduate survey, 76% said that NCTA career preparation was good or very good, 62% are employed in agriculture, and 71% have been at their position full-time since graduation.

Starting in fall 2014, NCTA students will have the opportunity to enroll in the UNL Bachelor of Applied Science degree while remaining on the Curtis campus. While working on their bachelor's degrees, students will have full access to the standard support services available to NCTA students, such as the ability to live in the residence halls, access college advising and financial aid assistance, use NCTA library services, access computer services and participate in campus athletic activities. During their junior and senior years of the program, students will take some NCTA courses but most courses will be online from the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources (CASNR) at UNL.

We celebrate our passion for agriculture at NCTA. Our academic programs are comprehensive and consist entirely of agricultural disciplines. You'll see students on horseback riding across campus and you'll see students wearing spurs in the dining hall. Our 580 acre working farm is immediately adjacent to campus and easily accessible for classroom activities. We have an extensive array of animals used for class activities including cattle, horses, dogs, birds, snakes, alpacas, rodents, and other exotics. Our intercollegiate athletic program consists of a Rodeo Team, Ranch Horse Team, and Equitation Team.

This is a great time for our students to be entering the field of agriculture. We see an increasing demand placed on our agricultural industries to provide even more food for a growing world, to emerge as a source of energy, to address some of our society's health concerns, and to play a leading role in resolving the country's environmental issues. Profits in production agriculture have grown considerably in the past few years and the future of the industry is very bright. Students graduating from NCTA are prepared and eager to be involved with these issues.

When you're on campus feel free to stop by if you have questions, recommendations, or just wish to say hello! My door is always open. I'm also available by phone or email to answer questions or discuss issues. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Ron Rosati, Dean


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