Ranch Horse Team

The NCTA Ranch Horse Team utilizes the horse and traditional ranch values to teach all members involved responsibility, respect, and integrity in addition to an individualized horse training philosophy.

Push Goals(2016-2017):

  • Improve level of horsemanship
  • Positively represent NCTA and the Team
  • Provide opportunities for students to travel & experience new loca-tions, people, & potential future direction
  • Build relationships with students, sponsors, competitors, community, youth, and organizations
  • Support local businesses & assist in bringing potential customers to our sponsors & local businesses
  • Actively participate in the American Stock Horse Association (ASHA) & Colorado, Wyoming, & Nebraska Stock Horse (CoWN)
  • Assist in furthering a relationship between NCTA, other colleges and additional organizations
  • Host an ASHA/CoWN Sanctioned Show (successfully hosted nation-ally sanctioned shows in March 2015, 2016)

Long Term Goals:

  • Increase Nebraska involvement in CoWN, ASHA, and NRCHA
  • Provide opportunities for NE horsemen (youth & adults) to improve horsemanship skills
  • Continue NE representation within ASHA/CoWN (Coach is current-ly on ASHA Collegiate Committee and CoWN Board NE state repre-sentative)
  • Build a self-sustaining Team that can finance additional applied op-portunities for members as well as the community
  • Support 2 full Teams for travel (12 riders)
  • Host additional ASHA/CoWN Sanctioned Show
  • Collaborate with local & regional affiliates/related organizations & assist in growth of both

Ranch Horse Team event schedule

Ranch Horse Team portfolio