Laboratory Animal Care Certificate

Laboratory Animal Care Certificate CERT - Certificate

This curriculum helps prepare you to become a certified laboratory animal technician, caring for animals and supporting professionals at institutions looking to solve a multitude of medical problems, like cancer and diabetes, that affect millions of people and animals all over the world. These certificates can be completed in one year or less and can have you working in your chosen career area very quickly.


  • Lab Animal Care Technician
  • Lab Animal Care Manager
  • Animal Care Worker
  • and Many More!

Courses Offered

Lab Animal Care Certificate (Total of 20 credit hours)

  • VTS 1301 Medical Terminology (1 credit)
  • VTS 1262 Lab Animal Internship (2 credits)
  • VTS 2563 Fur and Feather (3 credits)
  • VTS 1603 Intro to Laboratory Science(3 credits)
  • VTS 1313 Math for Vet Techs (3 credits)
  • VTS 1113 Lab Animal Medicine I (3 credits)
  • VTS 1122 Lab Animal Medicine II (2 credits)
  • VTS 1133 Lab Animal Management (3 credits)

Associated Clubs and Teams

  • Safari Club
  • Stock Dog Club

Featured Student

Alicia Dierberger
Alicia Dierberger Veterinary Technology Major
I really enjoy working with animals and if I can help save their lives, I will feel very accomplished. My dad went to college here in the mechanics program and remember the veterinary program on campus.