Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

BOBCAT FEEDLOT INTERN POSITON - Summer 2019                  



            Physical Skills

-         Use payloader to load feed truck

-         Use feed truck to accurately deliver feed

Intellectual Skills

Computer Skills (Cattle Xpert)

-         Make feed rations

-         Understand stepping up rations


-         Learn to read bunks and make feed calls

Processing Cattle

            Physical Skills

            -   Learn to run hydraulic chute

            -   Learn to flow cattle through the chute

            Intellectual Skills

            -   Learn processing procedures and the “why” to them – vaccinations/medications/implants

            -   Learn implanting

Health Checking

            Physical Skills

            -   Learn how to pen ride with a horse

            Intellectual Skills

              -    Learn to spot sick cattle

              -    Learn the treatment protocols and the “why” to them.

Pen Cleaning

            Physical Skills

               -   Use dump truck

               -   Use Pay loader

               -   Use tractor/box scraper

               -   Use skid steer

            Intellectual Skills

               -   Learn the proper design of feedlot pen and the “why” to the design

DEQ Requirements

            Physical Skills

               -   Develop a list of reports due for the DEQ

            Intellectual Skills

               -   Be able to explain the “why” of the requirements

People Management

            Intellectual Skills

               -   Do 2 page report of the book “The Advantage”.


            Physical Skills

               -   Understand Quick Books/inputs

            Intellectual Skills

               -   Be able to explain the financial metrics of running a custom feedlot

               -   Be able to explain the financial metrics of feeding cattle

Papers Required – from Intern prior to departure

1)   Feed Rations used at Bobcat

  1. Content
  2. Application

2)   Nutritional content of Feedstuffs used at Bobcat

3)   Bunk Reading Report

  1. Applying the results

4)   Processing procedures at Bobcat

5)   Paper on the types of implants and the “why” to them

6)   Paper on clinical appearance of sick feedlot cattle – one page

7)   Paper on treatment protocol for cattle at Bobcat

8)   Paper on feedlot pen design

9)   Paper on DEQ report requirements

    10) Book report on the book “The Advantage”

    11) Report on the financial metrics of custom feedlot

    12) Report on financial/production metrics of feeding Holstein steers

    13) Maintenance Schedule

  1. Pay loader
  2. Feed truck