Come Learn With Us! Veterinary Technician Wanted

Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2019

Position Title:  Come Learn With Us! Veterinary Technician Wanted

Position Type: Full time, part time and internships accepted

Organization Name:  Belmont Veterinary Center

Location (City, State):  Lincoln, NE

Job Description/Duties

Belmont Veterinary Center is a great place to work and learn! We foster an environment on loyalty, respect, and equality. We are looking for a smiling, compassionate and committed technician for our busy 3 doctor AAHA accredited small animal practice. 

Essential job functions: 

Have initiative to learn and raise the practice to the next level of care 

  • Excel at restraint of animals
  • Assist in treatment of patients
  • Maintain a professional appearance (attitude and clothes)
  • Promote the practice by attending events, handing out business cards, word of mouth, wearing Belmont apparel.
  • Understand common procedures performed in the practice
  • Assist in surgery
  • Perform dental scaling/polishing/fluoride treatment/charting
  • Know how to use computer software
  • Be friendly and pleasant to clients and colleagues, even if they are being difficult or rude
  • Take x-rays and dental X-rays and save to files
  • Understand and follow safety measures when performing x-rays
  • Run in house lab work and record results in the medical file
  • Prepare lab work forms/specimens for sending out labs
  • Administer treatments to patients (medications, fluids, injections)
  • Fill medications advise if meds are low and need to be reordered. Do not use expired medications
  • Have a knowledge of common drugs used in practice
  • Monitor hospitalized/anesthetized patients
  • Complete all necessary paperwork for all patients
  • Document all treatments given to the patients and include any observations.
  • Have patience
  • Know where all supplies are located
  • Stock exam rooms/treatment/surgery/radiology room
  • Have a basic understanding of diseases/medications/anesthesia/vaccinations/lab tests and preventions
  • Understand nutrition and the importance of a proper diet
  • Be able to draw blood and place catheters
  • Be able to start fluids and IV pumps
  • Shave animals for surgery and scrub surgical sites
  • Be able to monitor patients and recognize signs of pain and discomfort
  • Log controlled drugs
  • Be familiar with gloving, gowning, masking and using sterile techniques
  • Alert doctors to any change in a patients health status
  • Keep treatment/radiology/surgery/lab areas clean
  • Keep patients comfortable and clean
  • Walk dogs outside on a leash
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Assist others as necessary
  • Continually strive to improve
  • Be familiar with other job descriptions
  • Follow protocols from employee manual
  • Be environmentally sound when possible
  • Accept tasks willingly
  • Strive to provide the best services at all times
  • Communicate clearly with and listen to team member and clients
  • Educate team members and clients
  • Understand and teach the importance of nutrition
  • Be able to prepare and read blood smears, cytology, urine samples and fecal smears/float

Qualifications or Skills Required

Skills and Responsibilities essential for the job: Technicians are responsible for hospital maintenance, assisting the doctors, laboratory procedures radiology, client communication, medical procedures, pharmacy. Operation and maintenance of instruments and equipment, inventory, daily treatments of hospitalized and boarding patients, assisting in the surgery room and helping keep maintenance of OSHA and Hazardous Materials programs. Ability to express your thoughts verbally and clearly to others as well as clients. Ability to actively listen and attend to what others are saying. Have good integrity be honest and trustworthy and adhere to high standards of ethical conduct. Be reliable and have appreciation for the rules and policies. Have the ability to manage time and work load, set priorities and  follow through. Have a knowledge of veterinary medical terminology, practice procedures. To actively seek new information, technology and methods, while keeping skills up to date and apply knowledge to the job. 

Salary and Benefits

Competitive wages ranging from $14-20 depending on experience and degree. Insurance coverage (health, dental and vision offered), paid holiday, continuing education allowance, uniform allowance, paid vacation, Simple IRA retirement plan, retail bonus, free boarding and daycare, discounted veterinary care, plus more. 

Contact Information/Instructions How to Apply  

email resume to Melissa Bluford at or apply in person or mail 2200 Cornhusker Hwy Lincoln, NE 68521 fax 402-435-5412