Facilities Assistant, Facilities Office

Posted: Monday, August 7, 2017

DEPARTMENT- Facilities Office

SUPERVISOR - Randi Houghtelling (Phone: 308-367-5277; Email: rhoughtelling@unl.edu)

JOB TITLE—Facilities Assistant


The Facilities Office is looking for students to join their team who will help maintain the buildings and grounds throughout campus.


  1. Grounds work to include, but not limited to
    1. Mowing
    2. Weed whacking
    3. Edging
    4. Picking up trash
    5. Spreading salt
    6. Scooping snow
    7. Watering
    8. Providing tree and shrub care
    9. Managing the landscape beds
  2. Maintenance work to include, but not limited to
    1. Detailing campus vehicles and taking them to get serviced
    2. Helping with the biomass system
    3. Providing light maintenance work