• Diversified Agricultural Managment

    Thinking of running a farming and ranching operation? With this degree option you will take classes in Animal Science, Agronomy and Ag Equipment Managment.
  • Hands on Learning

    Gain the animal handling and hands on skills that veterinary technicians use everyday while performing their job duties. With access to our wide array of on campus animals, you will gain the skills necessary to become successful in your chosen career area.
  • Industry Readiness

    When you graduate from the Diversified Agriculture Program you will be ready to pursue a career in a variety of industries.
  • Dr. Walter Long Veterinary Technology Teaching Clinic

    Practice your hands on skills at our on campus Veterinary Teaching Clinic. Here you will learn how a vet clinic operates and get to help local community members care for their animals and provide surgery, immunizations and animal health education.
  • Agricultural Welding Certificate

    Here at NCTA you will learn how to perform welding and fabrication technical skills.

  • A Growing Industry

    Discover the many career opportunities available in the Dairy Production Industry

  • Learn Industry Leading Skills

    Be ready to join the workforce in a few short months. With our Agricultural Welding Certificate you will be able to become certified in welding in one year or less.
  • Manage Herd Health

    At NCTA you will gain valuable knowlege in herd health, and range management practices.

  • Agricultural Chemical Application

    Become certified in agricultural chemical application and have the knowledge and skills necessary to apply fertilizer and herbicide safetly and affectively.
  • NCTA is excited to partner with SDSU in our new Dairy Production program

    To learn more about our new Dairy Production Program

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  • Irrigation Technology

    Begin a challenging and in demand career as an irrigation technician. You will have access to a seven tower state of the art Reinke center pivot irrigation system. Prepare for hands on learning at NCTA.

    One tuition rate for all resident and non-resident students.

    The tuition rate for Fall 2018 is $131.50/ credit hour.

  • Horticulture

    Learn the hands on skills that employers are seeking with access to our commercial scale greenhouses, high tunnel and state of the art labs and equipment.
  • Learn from Experience Veterinary Professionals

    Real world experience from Doctors of Veterinary Medicine

  • Success Starts Here

    Be career ready with a degree in Horticulture from NCTA. This degree option is also transferable to any four year institution of your choice.
  • New Student Orientation

    Welcome week is quickly approaching and we are preparing to greet a new class of NCTA Aggies!  Move-In Day is Friday, August 17, 2018

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  • Hands on Industry Proven Skills

    Learn the skills that employers want! Here at NCTA hands on learning is our mission. Students will enjoy a learning environment where 70% of classroom time is spent outside working and learning hands on skills.

  • Welcome To NCTA

    We are very excited that you are an NCTA Aggie!

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    Roadmap To Success
  • Aggie Belt Buckle Purchase

    Attention 2018 - 2019 Graduating Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff it is now time to purchase your NCTA Belt Buckle...  All orders are due by February 6, 2019, @ 5:00 P.M. CT

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  • Career Readiness

    NCTA gives students the industry experience that employers want. As a student you will have access to industry professionals, professors and mentors within the livestock industry.
  • Available On-Campus and On-Line

    Certificate providing an introduction to crop and animal food production systems, including a basic understanding of natural resource and agribusiness management.

  • Agribusiness Management

    Looking for a career that combines leadership, business and agriculture?
  • Ride horses and earn college credit!

    Take riding clases in basic and advanced horsemanship, then put your new skills to work in our colt starting class.
  • Ride for the Brand

    Saddle up for 2018 by joining an NCTA Aggie campus club or competition team.

  • Agricultural Equipment Managment

    Learn the skills that employers seek with our hands on learning environment, where you will spend most of your classroom time working on campus owned and operated equipment.
  • Hands on Learning

    Our Equine Industry Management program allows you to spend 70% of your classroom learning time with hands on learning activites.
  • NCTA Ranked #1 in Career Outcomes

    NCTA, a nationally ranked two-year college, prepares students to be entrepreneurs in agriculture industries through high academic quality, affordability and guarantee of career success for graduates. 

    Learn more about why we were recently named #1 in career outcomes.
  • Career Focused Hands on Skills

    As a student you will have access to learning real world skills on our farm equipment, Reinke irrigation pivot and 550 acre campus farm.
  • Animal Science

    Learn the skills that employers want! Here at NCTA hands on learning is our mission. Students will enjoy a learning environment where 70% of classroom time is spent outside working and learning hands on skills.
  • Poultry Production Program

    NCTA now offers a Poultry Production Program in conjunction with Mississippi State University.

    To Learn More Click Here!
  • Gain industry experience

    Talk with industry professionals and learn what it really takes to be successful in the ag industry. As a student at NCTA you will have access to employers of industry leading ag companies.
  • Ag Education Teachers Wanted

    There are more than 150 schools with Ag Education programs in Nebraska alone and every year more schools are adding programs. There is a need for Ag Education Teachers nationwide, could this be the career for you?
  • Mechanized Systems Management

    Learn hands-on skills in agriculture equipment and technology.

  • Industry Readiness

    Learn what it takes to be successful in the industry today. Gain hands on experience in crop production, precision Ag technology and so much more!
  • Teach Agriculture and Promote the Future

    Agriculture is more than just a career, It's a way of life!
  • 550 Acre Campus Farm

    With our very own campus farm, you will have the ability to gain the skills necessary for a successful career in the agronomy industry.
  • Work with Exotic Animals

    Work with a wide range of animals housed on our campus. From lizards, snakes, birds and mammals, you will get hands on experience with them all!