High School Dual Credit

ABout Dual Credit

The Dual Credit High School Enrollment Program is for juniors and seniors in high school. It allows students to earn high school and college credits concurrently. Courses are college-level, contain the same content and rigor as other courses offered at NCTA, and may transfer. 

Interested students should have a 3.0 GPA. If a  student does not meet this requirement, he or she will need a counselor's approval to take a dual credit course. 

delivery & instruction

Classes are prepared by qualified NCTA faculty for online delivery using the Canvas learning management system. This virtual classroom provides flexibility to teach and learn at a time of day best suited to the student and the school. The online courses contain lectures with audio voice-overs, laboratory assignments, homework assignments, online quizzes and tests.


Approximately one week after you have applied to NCTA, you will need to go online and set up your Canvas account.

Please follow the instructions after clicking below:


If you are having issues claiming your account after you have followed these  steps, please call:
Students - 866-472-3970
Instructors - 308-367-5213

Connect to Canvas Here: Canvas

Important Dates
Registraion Deadline August 18, 2017
Fall Classes Begin August 21, 2017
Drop Dates See Academic Calendar
  • Reduced tuition ($63.75 per credit hour)
  • Earn college credit while in high school
  • Credits transfer to NCTA and other colleges (jumpstart your degree)
Faculty Benefits
  • Pre-prepared curriculum lab assignments and exams provided by NCTA
  • Faculty lectures provided with voice-over
  • Flexibility in teaching courses
  • Courses offered online through Canvas learning management system
Student Application
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Instructor Form
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ACE scholarship 

The Access College Early Scholarship is available to high school students who wish to enroll in dual enrollment courses. Please follow this link for more information:

ACE Scholarship

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Courses  & Instructors

Course descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog

Spring 2018



 AGR 1103: Crop Science (NDE #019931) Sample Syllabus

Brad Ramsdale, PhD

  AGR 1213 Natural Resources Management (NDE #013000) Sample Syllabus

 Brad Ramsdale, PhD









 VTS 2821: Radiation Safety (NDE #019930) Sample Syllabus

Barbara Berg

Fall 2017

AGR 1103: Crop Science (NDE #019931)

Brad Ramsdale, PhD

AGR 1213 Natural Resources Management (NDE #013000)

Brad Ramsdale, PhD

ASI 1253: Nutrition (NDE #019930)

David Smith

ASI 1303: Animal Management (NDE #011005)

Doug Smith, PhD

ASI 2203: Feeds and Feeding (NDE #19932)

David Smith

ASI 2673: Beef Production Systems (NDE #019933)

David Smith

VTS 1301: Medical Terminology (NDE #019934)

Glenn Jackson, DVM & PhD

VTS 2821: Radiation Safety (NDE #019930)

Barbara Berg

 *Course Descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog

How to Enroll

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