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Rangeland Management Specialist - Halsey, NE.

Posted: Thursday, January 6, 2022

It takes a soul to love the prairie. —Willa Cather

The Bessey Ranger District of the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands seeks a Rangeland Management Specialist. This person works with 30 direct permittees to manage about 11,000 head of cattle on 210,000 acres of native Sandhills grass- lands. It’s the linchpin for our management of natural resources: wildlife, fire, and recreation.

The position is located in Halsey, Nebraska. I’m looking for a person who could

lateral into a GS-0454-09. Government housing and a relocation incentive *may* be available.

The district is a highly functional, productive, and fun place to work.


  • A degree in range management, or enough credits to qualify for the position
  • Curiosity and willingness to listen and learn
  • Enjoy working in a team
  • A strong work ethic and proven track record of finishing projects
  • Appreciation of the value of your public lands

Highly desirable

  • Practical knowledge of cattle and ranching operations
  • Plant identification skills
  • Horsemanship and/or ATV skills
  • GPS and GIS skills
  • Ability to operate heavy equipment
  • Ability to lift a 55-pound sack of rye by yourself

Open until filled

If interested, contact:

Julie Bain, District Ranger

P.O. Box 39 / 40637 River Loop Drive

Halsey, Nebraska 69142

(308) 533-8115