Department COVID-19 Updates:

Western Regional Science Fair

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) will be conducting the 2021 “Virtual” Western Regional Science Fair on March 15.  Brad Ramsdale is the coordinator of the fair, so if you ever have any questions, please direct them to him.

Because of the disruptions due to COVID19, the 2021 Nebraska Junior Academy of Sciences competitions will be done by viewing video presentations.  Also, because of the virtual format there are no registration costs for the student projects.

Guidelines and tips for creating your video. 

1. Create a video (12 minutes is the maximum) of you presenting about your research in a well-organized, clear, and concise manner.  Be sure to include

  1. How you identified the problem and initial observations

  2. Clearly define your hypothesis

  3. Summarize your procedures (do not read off all of your procedures step-by-step; judges will be able to read these details from your board)

  4. Describe how you decided to collect the data

  5. Describe why you analyzed the data the way you did and what the graphs and/or statistics mean

  6. Describe what conclusions you can draw from your research, how it relates to your hypothesis, and possible next steps or ideas

2. Confirm that your video can be clearly heard.

3. The format of the video can include you standing in front of your display (similar to if a judge was standing near you at a traditional science fair) or recording your voice over a slide presentation of your research (such as a screen recording of a PowerPoint).

4. The video may be stopped and restarted and/or have segments edited in to replace a previous “take” but the final video must be a single file. 

5. Video Examples

a. Virtual Presentation Example

b. Virtual Voice-over Example

Format of Poster

1. The poster of your project will need to be submitted as a single file.  There are two primary formats for this approach.

  1. Option 1 – matches a poster traditionally built and printed as a single sheet of paper (3 ft by 4 ft; or other dimensions); send the PDF version of this file

  2. Option 2 – matches a poster traditionally built as individual pieces with a cardboard background of each piece; build the poster as a slideshow instead and send as a single file (PDF preferred)

2. Other approaches can be used as long all information is clear and is submitted as a single file.

Reminder - You are NOT allowed to put your name, school, teachers/mentor’s, research institution, or business name on the display board, research paper or in your presentation. You may also not place acknowledgements on your display board.  If using a YouTube account, it is allowable for 2021 for the account to reflect the teacher or school name.

A reminder that all guidelines, rules, and required forms for science fair projects can be found at the Nebraska Junior Academy of Sciences web site:

Contest Registration

1. Deadline – March 1

2. Procedure

    1. Confirm to Brad Ramsdale as soon as possible that you will have students competing.  He will create a Box folder and send you a link in which you will upload all required files.

    2. Upload files in Box prior to deadline above

i.  Video Presentation file

ii.  Poster file

iii.  Abstract file

iv.  Form 1A

v.  Other required forms based on contest rules

Complete the Online registration form on the Western Regional website (