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Livestock Teaching Center, LTC Indoor Arena, 300 Acres of Rangeland, Cattle Working Facility, Hydraulic Chutes & A.I. Stalls, Aggieland Winter Calving Pasture

100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage program

NCTA's 100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage program has been created to provide a forum where students, parents, employers, and agencies can come together to create successful business plans and ranch transfer programs. For the past two decades, state and federal agencies, legislatures, and commodity groups have worked hard to develop programs that encourage the transfer of agricultural enterprises to the next generation.

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Heifer Link Program

Since 2007, NCTA and its partners have been helping young people get started in ranching through the 100 cow ownership program. We are in the process of expanding this successful program by adding a component through which students take ownership of a donated heifer during their academic career and leave the NCTA campus owning a bred heifer. This program is a great boost to give our next generation of ranchers a head start with the tough job of building a herd.

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Interested in obtaining a heifer to start your herd? Fill out the interest form and let us know!

100 Acre Farm Ownership Advantage Program

The 100 Acre Farm Ownership Advantage program is designed to assist students in obtaining their own farm or diversified agriculture operation. NCTA, in partnership with the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA), the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), as well as farm and ranch organizations, have developed courses and seminars for students, parents, employers, and land owners with the specific objective of formulating business plans. This unique program starts with NCTA's degree program, in which students will develop a business plan just prior to graduation. Students will present this plan to the FSA for loan consideration and to the NDA for consideration of a tax credit to the landlord. Students can pursue the Ownership Advantage program by enrolling in the Agronomy or the Diversified
Agriculture degree options.

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The 562-acre NCTA farm is one of several University agronomy laboratories used to instruct students in the 100 Acre Farm Ownership Advantage Program.

Irrigation Technician Area of Concentration

Irrigation technicians skilled in servicing and installing center-pivot control systems are in high demand as crop producers replace old systems with more efficient, modern ones. To prepare you for a career in this dynamic field, NCTA has teamed with Reinke Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of irrigation systems. The 34-credit Irrigation Technician Concentration is an in-depth, hands-on program. Students obtain foundational knowledge in electricity and mechanized irrigation systems in order to safely service, repair, troubleshoot, and install center-pivot systems. Upon completion of the program you will also be given the opportunity to become certified through the Reinke PLUS Certification Program. Be sure to ask about the Reinke Dealer Sponsorship, which can provide tuition assistance.

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Reinke Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of irrigation systems, teams up with NCTA to offer this area of concentration..

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The University works with USDA Farm Service Agency loan programs to assist participants in selecting the enterprise—whether full or part-time—that will work best for their goals.

Combat Boots to Cowboy Boots

Combat Boots to Cowboy Boots is a University of Nebraska - Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) program designed to assist eligible military personnel, their families and armed forces veterans to become Farmers, Ranchers, and Business Entrepreneurs in their next careers. Combat Boots to Cowboy Boots utilizes existing programs funded by the federal Department of Agriculture, Small Business Administration, Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and various state and local agencies to create successful business succession plans that match participants with existing farm/business/ranch owners.

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Omaha Urban Agriculture

Adult learners, beginning farmers and even some high school students interested in gaining knowledge of horticulture and farm production can enroll in courses offered by the University of Nebraska Extension and the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) with support from the Omaha Home for Boys (OHB).
Vegetable and small crop plots at the Cooper Memorial Farm serve as the teaching and production ground for urban growers and consumers. The farm, which is 3 miles north of downtown Omaha, is owned by the home, which was founded in 1920 as an orphanage.

Urban Ag
Urban agriculture is for anyone in the Omaha area.  It is designed to support locally-produced food, prepare job-ready agricultural graduates, and foster social and economic development for youth and adults. Omaha Home for Boys is a real gem in guiding young men and women on their life path. This wonderful marriage with Nebraska Extension allows us to reach a broad range of constituencies in the city of Omaha including 4-H youth, college students and working adults interested in local food production.