Agricultural Chemical Application Certificate

Agricultural Chemical Application Certificate CERT - Agronomy and Agricultural Mechanics

Students will be able to mix and apply agricultural chemicals safely and efficiently and will be able to interact professionally with colleagues and clients. This program can be completed in one year or less and students can immediately pursue a career with the agriculture chemical application industry.


  • Ag Chemical Applicator
  • Customer Applicator

Courses Offered

Agricultural Chemical Application Certificate

  • AEQ 2301 Pesticide Certification (1 credit)
  • AGR 2201 Commercial Ag Carrier
  • AGR 2354 Pest Management (4 credits)
  • AEQ 2103 Ag Chemical Applicator (3 credits)
  • AEQ 2323 Precision Farming (3 credits)
  • AEQ 2303 Equipment Preventative Maintenance (3 credits)
  • AEQ 1153 Equipment Principles (3 credits)

Total Credit Hours for Certificate (18 credits)

    Associated Clubs and Teams

    • Ag Mechanics Club

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