Residence halls should be about more than just a place to sleep. Living on campus is not about the building but, about the relationships you will build while living with a community and getting to know people from different backgrounds.

  • Approximately 200 students live on-campus
  • 3 residence halls
  • Options include double rooms and co-ed-by-wing floors
  • Each residence is supervised by a Residence Life Manager
  • Resident Advisors live on each floor
Residence hall features
  • computer labs on the NCTA computer network (WEPA printers available for students in the Student Union, Ed Center, Vet Tech)
  • wireless internet
  • lounges, kitchenettes, and laundry facilities
  • quiet study areas and recreational space
  • basic furnishings.

Questions about Residence Life?

Residence Life Manager

NCTA Dining Information

NCTA Residence Life offers a unique community living environment. This living space requires that students possess the life skills that are needed to live in an independent living environment. To preserve this special community, residents are expected to exhibit mature and responsible behavior and to abide by the community standards.

Resident Life Important Links:
By signing your University Housing Contract, you indicated your acknowledgment of your obligation to comply with the Student Code of Conduct,  the Community Living Guide, and the Contract Policies.