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Housing and Campus Life

 Residence halls should be about more than just a place to sleep. Living on campus is not about the building but, about the relationships you will build while living with a community and getting to know people from different backgrounds.

  • Approximately 200 students live on-campus
  • 3 residence halls
  • 1 suite-style complex
  • 1 ranch-style with both private and community restrooms
  • Options include double rooms and co-ed-by-wing floors
  • Each residence is supervised by a Residence Life Manager
  • Resident Advisors live on each floor
  • The Office of Residence Life coordinates all campus housing and is dedicated to maintaining an environment conducive to educational and personal development.
    Mission Statement and Core Values - Office of Residence Life

Residence hall features

  • computer labs on the NCTA computer network
  • wireless internet
  • lounges, kitchenettes, and laundry facilities
  • quiet study areas and recreational space
  • all rooms are DISH TV ready
  • basic furnishings.

Pet and Smoking policy

  • Smoking is not allowed in the residence halls, however, an outside area is designated for smoking.
  • Pets are not allowed in the residence halls at any time.

On-campus residency requirement

The NCTA residency requirement serves important educational and developmental purposes. Students prosper in stable living environments that are close to academic resources and organized student activities that promote social interaction and exposure to new and diverse life experiences, and that afford supervision, counseling, and other assistance as needed.

The on-campus residency provides unparalleled opportunities for multi-dimensional student development and is part-and-parcel of NCTA's broad educational program. The Housing Contract Exemption Policy is strictly enforced. However, some students may have living requirements that NCTA cannot accommodate on campus.

On-Campus Residency Policy Applies to:

All unmarried students who are enrolled for 12 or more credit hours, and who are under the age of 21, have fewer than 30 credit hours of post-secondary education or have a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 as of the first day of the fall semester of the current academic year, are required to reside in on-campus housing.

The only exceptions to on-campus residency:

  • The student lives with his/her parents or guardian within a 45-mile driving distance from NCTA;
  • The student will live with a close relative (grandparent, brother, sister, aunt or uncle) provided the relative is over 21 years of age, and the residence is within 45 miles of the NCTA campus;
  • The student is married, a single parent or has a documented medical/mental health condition which makes it impractical to meet the housing requirement.
  • An exception request will only be considered after the residency exemption request form has been returned with supportive documentation to the Residence Life Manager.

Equity in Athletics

Equity in Athletics disclosure report:

Campus Safety and Fire Report:

In accordance with The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 U.S.C. § 1092(f)), the University of Nebraska is providing crime statistics and policies concerning campus security to current students and staff members, and potential applicants for enrollment or employment. The University of Nebraska-Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture may also provide this information to the United States Department of Education. Crime statistics which reflect offenses reported to campus authorities during the three preceding calendar years are listed below.

NCTA Campus Security Report 2021

NCTA Campus Security Report 2020

NCTA Campus Security Report 2019

NCTA Campus Security Report 2018

NCTA Campus Security Report 2017

NCTA Campus Security Report 2016

NCTA Campus Security Report 2015

NCTA Campus Security Report 2014

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct:

Housing Information

Residence Life Manager/Activities Coordinator

For after hour emergencies on campus please contact the bulding assistance phone at 308-367-5274.

To report an issue for maintenance to help with please complete the Maintenance Partner Online Service Request!

Dining Information

Housing Forms Form Description

NCTA Housing Portal

The housing portal can be found at MyNCTA. This is required for all students wanting to live in campus housing during the academic year. A $250.00 deposit is required to guarantee a room reserved for the student.
Missing Student Information Form Required: For use when a student has been reported missing for 24 hours or more
RA Application Applications are open to all on campus students. Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and be enrolled as a full-time student. 
NCTA Housing Exemption Waiver This form can be used by students who would like to exempt from living on campus. Students should be 21 years of age, be living with a family member within 40 miles of campus (documentation required), have completed 30 or more credit hours (transcript required), or have children living at home.
Contract Cancellation Form Students leaving campus and canceling their contract for any reason should complete this form.