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The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture offers a variety of unique and specialized courses to meet your educational goals. Various general courses are offered each spring, summer and fall semester through the Blackboard Course Management System.
$20.00 Registration Fee Applies Each Semester
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If you have any questions about NCTA's General Online Course Offerings, please contact Tina Smith at 1-800-3CURTIS or
  • Work with animals! You can train quickly and conveniently for the skills to keep animals healthy, nurse them when ill, and even save their lives.
  • Acquire the skills you need to succeed without leaving your job or moving to a new town.
  • From the basics of medical terminology to reviewing for a national licensing test, you can increase your skills, provide a higher level of care for your patients, and increase profitability for the clinic.
  • The Radiation Safety Short course meets Nebraska's Radiation Safety Requirement so that you can assist with taking x-rays in the clinic.
  • Only selected courses are available online.
  • IMPORTANT: For classes that include clinical skills you must be employed at a veterinary clinic and have a licensed veterinary technician or veterinarian willing to mentor your applied skills and tasks.


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