Click this link to complete your online work order:  Maintenance Partner

A few tips to make using the online system easier for you:

  • Click the link above
  • Enter your name as the “Requestor Name” (either type it in or use the dropdown arrow)
    • Phone # and email should populate automatically- if not let me know.
    • Enter the “Building Name” (either type it in or use the dropdown arrow)
      • You can ignore floor code, area, and department.
      • Fill in the “Action Requested” box for what work needs to be done. This is where we would like for you to be somewhat detailed.
        • Bad Ex. Change the light bulb.
        • Good Ex. Three light bulbs need changed in the mailroom on the west side.
        • You have already entered the building name so you do not need to repeat that in the “Action Requested” location.
        • Make sure the “Notify Me” box is checked
        • Click submit
        • A notification will pop up saying that it was created- just click “ok”
        • You should receive an email within 5 minutes that you submitted the “service request”
        • You should receive another email when and who the work order was assigned to.