Agricultural Welding Certificate

Agricultural Welding Certificate CERT - Agronomy and Agricultural Mechanics

The Agricultural Welding Certificate provides students with the applied welding skills desired by the agricultural equipment industry.  This program includes three welding courses that can be completed over 3 semesters while pursuing degree one of the Agricultural Production Systems degrees such as Agriculture Equipment Management.  Upon completion of the third welding course, students are provided the opportunity to earn and American Welding Society Certification credential.


  • Agricultural Welder
  • Metal Fabricator
  • Pipeline Welder
  • Fitter Welder
  • Welder Assistant

Courses Offered

Agricultural Welding Certificate

  • AEQ 1071 Industrial Safety (1 credit)
  • AEQ 1203 Welding (3 credits)
  • AEQ 1313 Intermediate Welding (3 credits)
  • AEQ 2213 Advanced Welding (3 credits)
  • AGR 2903 Internship (3 credits)

Total Credit Hours for Certificate (13 credits)

    Associated Clubs and Teams

    • Ag Mechanics Club

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