Agronomy Interns

Posted: Monday, January 2, 2017

Position Title: Agronomy Interns

Position Type:  Internship

Organization Name: Agricultural Technology Co.

Location (City, State):  Hastings, NE

Job Description/Duties:

Field Scout/Intern in which you will be scouting fields of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, organic crops & seed corn. We work with growers to make the best most cost effective decisions.

Crop Scouting: Scouts will take notes of their observations in the filed. Then the scouts will give the series of notes to the Crop Consultant. The notes will then be converted into field reports for recommendations. The Crop Consultants will be working & checking the same fields all summer. The hours will be approximately 50-55 hours a week.

EARLY SEASON: Crop Consultants & Summer Scouts/Interns will take plant populations, check for weed, disease & insect infestation levels.

LATE SEASON: Crop Consultants & Summer Scouts will be scouting fields for insect & disease infestation levels on crops. Moisture evaluations will also be made to schedule irrigation.

Qualifications or Skills Required:

Preferred Background & Experience:  Farming, Agriculture or majoring Biology, Botany or Entomology.

Salary & Benefits:

Pay Scale & Bonus:  Starting at $1,800 - $2,300 per month, plus bonus, which is based on experience, schooling and job performance.

Contact Information/Instructions How to Apply:

Agricultural Technology Co., 5245 West Olive Knoll, Hastings, NE 68901
If interested call Kevin Golter at 402-469-4072 or Gary Golter at 402-461-1970
Email: or