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Animal Health Care Certificate

Animal Health Care Certificate CERT - Certificate


  • Animal Care Worker
  • Animal Care Assistant
  • Animal Care Manager
  • and Many More!

Courses Offered

Animal Care Certificate (Select 12 hours from the following)

  • VTS 1513 Animal Care or VTE 1512 Animal Care (2-3 credits)
  • VTS 1403 Anatomy and Physiology (3 credits)
  • VTS 1404 Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
  • VTS 1603 Intro to Laboratory Science (3 credits)
  • VTS 1301 Medical Terminology (1 credit)
  • VTS 1542 Facility Management I (1 credit)
  • VTS 1313 Math for Vet Techs (3 credits)
  • ASI Intro to Animal Science (1 credit)
  • ASI 1501 Equine Safety (1 credit)
  • ASI 1161 Intro to Horsemanship (1 credit)
  • VTE 1021 Canine Grooming (1 credit)
  • VTE 2101 Dog Obedience (1 credit)
  • VTE 2322 Intro to te Vet Office (2 credits)

Associated Clubs and Teams

  • Safari Club
  • Stock Dog Club

Featured Student

Michelle Connelly Veterinary Technology Major

"Helping animals has been my dream since I was 5 years old.  Working kennels at a veterinary hospital, I heard the vet techs talking about how they went to NCTA for their training and I thought, this is the place for me.  I love the hands-on training and the one-on-one we get with the professors, but mostly I like that I’m working towards a career I know I will enjoy, because it is one with animals."