Crop Production Certificate

Crop Production Certificate CERT - Agronomy and Agricultural Mechanics

Students will gain a foundational knowledge in crop production related principles and practices. Gain the industry leading skills that employers are seeking. This certificate can be completed in one year or less. Enjoy a classroom where you learn by doing hands on activities. Whether your out working on our 550 acre campus farm or managing your crop test plots, as a graduate of NCTA you will be prepared to enter your chosen career field.


  • Farmer
  • Chemical Sales
  • Crop Consultant
  • Seed Lab Technician
  • Crop Production Specialist
  • District Seed Sales Manager
  • Seed Lab Technician
  • Field Production Specialist
  • Field Representative
  • and many more!!

Courses Offered

Crop Production Emphasis - Complete 15 credits of the following

  • AEQ 2103 Ag Chemical Application (3 credits)
  • AEQ 2323 Precision Farming Technology (3 credits)
  • AGR 1204 Principles of Soils (4 credits)
  • AGR 2304 Soil Fertility (4 credits)
  • AGR 2353 Pest Management (3 credits)
  • AGR 2383 Irrigation Management (3 credits)
  • AGR 2403 Crop Management (3 credits)

Complete 5 credit hours of AGR or AEQ courses not used above

    Total Credit Hours for Certificate (20 credits)

      Associated Clubs and Teams

      • Crops Judging Team
      • Ag Mechanics Club
      • Collegiate 4-H/FFA

      Featured Student

      Nolan Breece
      Nolan Breece Agronomy
      I chose NCTA to get a better understanding of the crop side of agriculture. Upon graduation, I plan to continue my education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

      NCTA was a great place to start my education. I enjoyed being close to home while getting to know lots of people in the community and taking advantage of the recreational activities in Curtis.