DEAN’S COUNCIL MINUTES February 11, 2016 12:00 p.m. Ag Hall Conference Room

Department COVID-19 Updates:

Dean's Council Minutes Thursday, February 18, 2016


Ron Rosati, Glenn Jackson, Eric Reed, Brad Ramsdale, Dottie Evans, Jennifer McConville, Doug Smith, Barb Berg, Mary Rittenhouse, Catherine Hauptman (recorder)

The NCTA Dean’s Council meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Ron Rosati welcomed Dean’s Council members to the meeting


  • Eric Reed moved to accept the minutes as written; Glenn 2nd, motion carried.


  • Dottie Evans discussed the upcoming Accreditation site visit at NCTA on March 28-29. 
  • The deadline for the Assurance Argument, Student feedback and Community feedback is February 29. After the 29th nothing else will be able to be changed.
  • Accreditation will continue to be on our Dean’s Council agenda.


  • Dr. Rosati addressed the Dean’s Council on the NCTA Dual Credit Faculty Responsibilities “draft” policy that he has created.
  • The Dean’s Council addressed the issue of the In-service that the policy would like to have for high schools that participate in Dual Credit classes. 
    • Some suggestions made were to have a webinar or have the high schools come to campus for one in-service.
    • Dr. Rosati will reword the policy to state that high school teachers and partners “may” participate in an in-service held once a year at NCTA.
  • Academic programs at NCTA were reviewed as part of this policy.
    • Dr. Brad Ramsdale distributed a plan of study for Diversified Ag for the Council to discuss.
    • The program list was reviewed. Eric Reed had a few changes. Jennifer will update the program list posted on the NCTA website of Dual Credit courses available to everyone at NCTA.
    • Concerns for certificates NCTA offers from dual credit courses were brought up.  Some NCTA certificates are currently pending approval from the Higher Learning Commission. Dr. Rosati will address this with high schools involved in dual credit, as needed.
  • The Dual Credit Faculty Responsibilities policy will be on the next Dean’s Council agenda.


  • Eric Reed reviewed the Facilitators Online Pay Approval Policy with Dean’s Council so members could review and offer any changes.
  • Eric will strengthen the role of the facilitator activities and make editorial changes that were suggested by the Council
  • The Facilitators Online Pay Approval Policy will be on next meeting’s agenda.


  • Eric distributed the most current General Education curriculum for review. 
  • The Dean’s Council briefly discussed the General Education curriculum and some changes were made. Most of the curriculum changes will be discussed in further detail at the next Academic Council.
  • Dr. Rosati would like Eric to revisit the updated General Education Curriculum at the next Dean’s Council.


  • Jennifer McConville reviewed the staff evaluation form that she has modified.
  • These forms will determine merit raises for each staff member.
  • Dr. Rosati asked each member of Dean’s Council to take to their Divisions the staff evaluation form updates and bring back suggestions for next week’s Dean’s Council.


  • Due to lack of time today, this agenda item will be brought back to Dean’s Council.


  • A reminder from Dr. Rosati to Dean’s Council was to have traveling teams or any field trips to notify Mary Crawford, external relations coordinator, in advance so she can be prepared for timely news coverage. Also, please send any pictures taken on the trips or results of team travel to her for news releases or social media.


  • Dean’s Council reviewed the NCTA Calendar of Events.


  • Faculty Workload
    • Jennifer McConville distributed a final Faculty Workload spreadsheet to each Council member
    • Dr. Rosati asked Division Chairs to ensure each of their faculty have a 15-hour credit load for next semester
  • Dr. Rosati asked all Faculty members to review their workload spreadsheet very carefully. This agenda item will be on next week’s Dean’s Council agenda.

 The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m. The next meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 18

at 12 p.m. in the Ag Hall Conference room.