DEAN’S COUNCIL MINUTES February 25, 2016 12:00 p.m. Ag Hall Conference Room

Dean's Council Minutes Thursday, February 25, 2016


Ron Rosati, Glenn Jackson, Eric Reed (absent), Brad Ramsdale, Dottie Evans, Jennifer McConville (absent), Doug Smith, Barb Berg (absent), Mary Rittenhouse (absent), Catherine Hauptman (recorder), GUEST: Judy Bowmaster

The NCTA Dean’s Council meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Ron Rosati welcomed Dean’s Council members to the meeting


  • Glenn Jackson moved to accept the minutes as written, Brad Ramsdale 2nd, motion carried.  Minutes were approved.


  • Dottie Evans expressed her appreciation for the participation at the Open Forum
  • Dr. Rosati will submit a few document additions to Dottie tomorrow.
  • The final Assurance Argument document is due February 29th.
  • Accreditation will continue to be on Dean’s Council agenda. 


  • Dr. Rosati reviewed the updated NCTA program list.
  • A name change for the Veterinary Technology certificate to Animal Health Care is being done, pending CCPE approval for the Laboratory Animal Care certificate. CCPE will meet March 10th in Kearney. 
  • A request was made by Brad Ramsdale and Doug Smith to show the Animal Science Systems and Agronomy options under Ag Production Systems AS degree.
    • This request was approved by Dean’s Council.
    • Doug agreed that a Grazing Livestock option not be listed. 
  • Dr. Rosati approved the final program list.     


  • Dr. Rosati reviewed the Dual Credit faculty policy. 
  • The main change in the policy was a statement under Dual Credit faculty requirements: “provides lectures for instruction through the Blackboard system, or evaluates and approves an alternate curriculum with appropriate rigor and SLOs, and determines final grades for the course.” 
  • Doug moved to approve the Dual Credit policy with the change, Brad 2nd, motion carried.  The Dual Credit policy was approved.
  • Catherine will submit to, file on the Common share drive, and distribute the changes and policy to faculty. 


  • Dr. Rosati presented a draft grievance policy for faculty and staff.
  • He would like Dean’s Council to review the policy and return changes.
  • Catherine will also send to all of campus for review and input.


  • Dr. Ramsdale distributed the NCTA campus-wide Annual Assessment Timeline for all to review. 
  • It outlines timelines for Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), Student Services, and Campus Facilities reports.
  • He will meet with Jennifer McConville on the proposed timeline for assessments.  Catherine will ensure report deadlines are added to the campus wide calendar.  
  • This timelines will be brought back to Dean’s Council in two weeks for approval.


  • The University is asking NCTA to consider using the same number system to be consistent across campuses for the same course.
  • UNL and the community colleges are using the same system. Dr. Jackson asked if UNK and UNMC are using the same system as well. Dr. Rosati will find out.  
  • Concerns were made regarding NCTA changing course numbers because, currently, the number system indicates credit hours, which the faculty appreciates. 
  • Dr. Rosati will research further; Dr. Jackson will take to Faculty Senate.
  • This agenda item will come back to Dean’s Council.


  • Dr. Rosati reviewed the updated Faculty Evaluation Form.
  • Dr. Jackson moved to approve, with change of an apostrophe. Doug 2nd, motion carried.  This Faculty Evaluation Form was approved with the apostrophe change. 


  • Time did not allow for discussion so the item will be on a future agenda.


  • Discussion occurred on the proposed 4-day work week for summer hours.
  • Dr. Rosati will send out another Survey Monkey with NCTA employees and report survey results at a future Dean’s Council.


  • The calendar of events for NCTA was reviewed.


  • A session of Academic Council was opened during Dean’s Council to review and approve Semester Course approval forms from Veterinary Technology.  Barb Berg was absent and Judy Bowmaster represented Barb at today’s meeting.
  • Veterinary Technology Course Approval for VTE 1643 Equine Health Records
    • Judy Bowmaster brought in a name change and a course approval for Dean’s Council to review.
    • A new course, VTE 1643 Equine Health Records, is being proposed. This would help students learn important record keeping skills.
    • Dr. Jackson moved to approve the course, Dr. Smith 2nd, all approved and motion carried.  The course 1643 Equine Health Records was approved.
  • Veterinary Technology also proposed a name change for Equine Emergency Diseases and Pharmacology to a new title of Equine Diseases.
    • Dr. Smith moved to approve the proposed name change, Dr. Jackson 2nd, motion carried.  The name for VTE 1633 is now Equine Diseases.  
  • This is not a Dean’s Council approval for both of these courses. This is an Academic Council approval with Dean’s Council representation.  

The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m. The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 15 at 12:00 p.m. in the Ag Hall Conference room.