Dean's Council Minutes - February 11, 2015

Dean's Council Minutes Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Ron Rosati, Scott Mickelsen, Jan Gilbert, Eric Reed, Brad Ramsdale, Doug Smith, Barb Berg, Jo Bek (absent), Paul Clark, Catherine (Recorder), Dottie Evans, Mary Crawford(Guest)

The NCTA Dean’s Council Meeting was called to order at 12:00pm with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Rosati welcomed everyone to the meeting


  • Minutes were approved as amended by dean’s council


  • Ron announced that the operating will be increased from $29,000 to

$80,000 but not to the $100,000 originally discussed.

  • Paul and the budget committee will go back and prioritize items and bring back to the next dean’s council.
  • Paul handed out a list of requested appropriation and the council discussed
  • Jan and Mary will visit on requests for the dean’s office.
  • Ron asked division chair’s to please not schedule to purchase any discretionary large item expenditures until next term.
  • Ron, Jan and Jennifer projected a balanced budget
  • Revolving account balances will be analyzed, especially concerning the farm account.



  • Discussions were made on faculty work load by the council.
  • NCTA needs to have consistency on a faculty work load system.
  • Scott has a rough draft on the faculty workload and will send to Ron.

o Ron and Scott will get together and bring back when they have a draft ready to be viewed.  Barb Berg will also help with this process

  • Catherine will put this item on the dean’s council agenda for 3 weeks from now.
  • Scott handed out a form from Paul Clark to track student learning outcomes. SLO’s have been coming in many different ways from faculty and this will help with organizing it.
  • This form is saved under SLO in the COMMON drive.
    • Faculties please move forward using this form.


  • Ron is continuing to work on the promotion and rank policy
  • Ron will continue to work on this high priority item and bring back to dean’s council.


  • Scantron machine
    • Located in the work room of ag hall
    • Jan would like us to look into a separate printer for the scantron so it doesn’t hold up printing for other people on campus.
    • Catherine will work with Justin to explore some options.


 This meeting was adjourned at 1:05pm. Our next dean’s council meeting will be Friday February 20th.