Dean's Council Minutes - February 20, 2015

Dean's Council Minutes Friday, February 20, 2015


Ron Rosati, Scott Mickelsen, Jan Gilbert, Eric Reed, Brad Ramsdale, Doug Smith(absent), Barb Berg, Jo Bek, Paul Clark, Catherine (Recorder), Dottie Evans, Jennifer McConville, Mary Crawford (guest)

The NCTA Dean’s Council Meeting was called to order at 12:00pm with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Rosati welcomed everyone to the meeting


  • Minutes were approved as amended by dean’s council


  • Ron handed out a draft promotion and rank policy for the council to review
  • Some suggestions that the council offered:
    • Look into having an electronic portfolio
    • Have a general CV format
    • Raises with promotions
  • Ron took the changes into consideration and will apply to the promotion policy and bring back to the next dean’s council.


  • Ron is working on the faculty work load policy and handed out a draft to the council members.
  • Some suggestions for the policy
    • The council discussed a provision for division chairs to have a 13th month.
    • Online courses and face to face is counted equally
    • Ron will make sure that the low enrollment course policy will be included in this.
    • Scott will work on the dual credit system and online system and incorporate into the policy as well

o Catherine and Scott are working on a faculty workload spreadsheet so Ron can see where each faculty member stands on contact hours.

  • Once all changes are made to the policy Ron will bring back to Dean’s council.



  • This policy was handed out to each council member and outlines the minimum qualifications to be qualified as a faculty member at NCTA
  • Changes that were suggested by the council:
    • The 3rd paragraph in the policy was asked to be eliminated because it is too much to ask a new faculty to recieve a master’s degree in 5 years, especially if that person was hired with an Associate’s degree.
    • Possibility of taking an associate’s degree for a new faculty hire
    • Compliment the person’s experience with education
    • After August 2015 must get a bachelor’s after 5 years
    • Ron will make changes, send around for more feedback and bring back to the next dean’s council.


  • We will call this an NCTA open forum meeting
  • The strategic plan will be our priority for discussion

o Catherine will send around the current appendix for updates before the meeting

  • Meeting is set for March 19th from 4 to 5pm in the Ed Center Auditorium.


  • Encourages students to attend the student portion of the Governor’s Ag conference.


  • No additional comments


 This meeting was adjourned at 1:05pm. Our next dean’s council meeting will be March 6th at 12:00pm.