Dean's Council Minutes - January 23, 2015

Dean's Council Minutes Friday, January 23, 2015


Ron Rosati, Scott Michelsen, Jan Gilbert, Eric Reed, Brad Ramsdale, Doug Smith, Jo Bek, Paul Clark, Dottie Evans, Catherine (Recorder), Barb Berg (Absent)

The NCTA Dean’s Council Meeting was called to order at 12:00pm with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Rosati welcomed everyone to the meeting



  • Minutes were approved as written by dean’s counci



  • A reminder to follow the process NCTA has in order when hiring an adjunct for your courses
  • When you have low enrolled courses:
    • Options
      • Schedule into the class at a certain time
      • Cut back on electives
      • Set up block scheduling
      • Prorate classes like we do in the summer
      • Thoughts about low enrollment classes from the council:
        • Solve on a case to case basis
        • Offer low enrolled classes every two years instead of every one year
          • One example, do stats one year and trigonometry the next year. These are both low enrolled classes
          • The faculty felt that there are just cases where we have to teach one class because it is all we have and is a requirement of the student for graduation.
        • Solutions for low enrollment classes
          • Average the adjuncts load of classes
            • Enforce an adjunct budget
            • Fewer electives offered by each department
            • Substitute one class for another
  • Create a hybrid online class that would do a majority of their work online and  then meet once a week in person
  • Create tight class sequences
  • Prorate salaries for adjunct faculty using the summer formula
    • Adjunct pay schedule will change next fall
    • Minimum of 8 students enrolled per class
      • there will be exceptions to this rule from time to tome
      • Create a low enrollment policy that will be brought back to dean’s council.




  • A reminder that all faculty and staff need to send updated CV’s to Linda



  • Smoking at least 10 feet away from building entrances is state law
  • We will change to include smoking, nonsmoking, and all other in the policy
  • A motion was made to change the policy as amended and all council members were in favor.
  • Catherine will change the tobacco policy as amended and get onto the website



  • Jan gave the council budget handouts for discussion
  • 70% of the actual expenditures were allocated last year
  • Division chairs need to use the process for requesting additional operating budget. This needs to be getting in by next week.
  • Deadlines for the budget requests are as follows:
    • January 30th: Requests need to be submitted
    • February 6th: the budget committee will get the requests for review
    • February 11th: a final decision will be made on the budget requests by Jan Gilbert and Dr. Ron Rosati
    • First week of February the budget committee
    • Same budget committee will be maintained as before:
      • Cindy Fritsche, Barb Berg, Becky Currie, Brad Ramsdale, Doug Smith, Eric Reed, Jan Gilbert, Janice Price, Jo Bek, Scott Mickelsen
      • Please send request directly to Jan Gilbert. She will be sending a college wide email out requesting NCTA internal budgeting.
      • Our IT committee needs to meet now to come up with IT recommendations for their budget.
        • Scott will get with Justin to make this happen.
        • Jan Gilbert will remind the council members in May to revisit the equipment budget.



  • Catherine is setting up training with Dottie, Jan Price, and a few student workers so that we can complete the SLO’s and return to faculty members.



  • Just a reminder to follow the deadlines on your faculty and staff evaluations.



  • Ron Rosati, Scott Mickelsen, Glenn Jackson and Barb Berg will be going to Lincoln on Monday January 26th to discuss the option of a veterinary technician program there.



  • Catherine included the agenda for Dr. Sleight and his group on January 27th. They are coming to discuss the option of a program in Mauritius Africa.
  • Paul Clark and Eric Reed were added to the agenda.



  • NCTA will display a Hereford bull sculpture made by an employee’s family member in the Ag Education Center.



  • The council needs to begin thinking about commencement speakers. Paul Clark brought up Deb Fischer as a possible speaker.


This meeting was adjourned at 1:23pm. Our next dean’s council meeting will meet Thursday January 29th at 12:00 pm.