Dean's Council Minutes - January 29, 2015

Department COVID-19 Updates:

Dean's Council Minutes Thursday, January 29, 2015


Ron Rosati, Scott Mickelsen, Jan Gilbert, Eric Reed, Brad Ramsdale, Doug Smith, Barb Berg, Dottie Evans, Paul Clark, Catherine (Recorder), Jo Bek (absent)

The NCTA Dean’s Council Meeting was called to order at 12:00pm with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Rosati welcomed everyone to the meeting


  • Minutes were approved as written by dean’s council


  • Changes to NCTA’s enrollment policy for adjuncts
    • The course must have ten students enrolled instead of eight
    • If you have less than ten students;
      • Don’t automatically cancel the course; look at the guidelines listed on the policy.  Exceptions can be made.
  • Another guideline bullet will be created for nine month faculty who teach in the summer for more clarification.
  • Concerns of the faculty were that we need to have a system in place for each student to have advisor approval before signing up for any classes.
  • Scott will update the changes to the low enrollment policy and he will bring back to dean’s council when done.
  • Scott will also create two tables to attach to the enrollment policy and work with Paul to do so.


  • Recommendations for commencement speakers
    • Adrian Smith, Deb Fischer US Senator, Dave Heineman


  • Jan has sent everyone a budget request process
    • Deadlines may be changed every year
    • Professional development fund paperwork
      • Paperwork needs to be handed in at least two weeks prior to.
      • Submit your paperwork to Dr. Rosati to approve, he will then give to Jan and she will notify the faculty whether or not their professional development was approved.
      • Each faculty member cannot exceed $1,000
      • Eventually we would like to have $1,000 in the professional development fund for each faculty.  Currently the fund has $5,000 total in it.
      • The budget committee is meeting and will allocate available operating funds. The results of this will be discussed at our next dean’s council meeting.


  • NCTA has had requests from the state government of Nigeria to have us train twelve students in vocational agriculture.
  • How will NCTA do this?
    • We will need twelve Nigerian students
    • The students would receive a Diversified Ag certificate of 30 credits which would include ten three credit hour courses
    • Courses would be in three week blocks.
    • Joseph would be hired half time to be a coordinator and live on campus with the Nigerian students.
    • The Faculty chosen would be paid in summer to teach the courses
      • Ron would give our faculty the first option to teach
      • Students from Nigeria would be here May 15 to October 15 2015 possibly
      • The Nigerian government is selecting each student who will be coming here and paying their tuition and fees.
      • If division chairs teach in this program
        • The money that they would get for teaching would be put into professional development funds for them to use
        • We can try to do faculty overloads for 12 month faculty. Ron will pursue this option more and get back to dean’s council.
        • Things to consider for the budget for the Nigerian students:
          • Each student would take 30 credit hours
          • Supplies $1000/course
          • Coordinator $5000/month
          • Miscellaneous expenses
          • Housing for Joseph
          • They will be put into aggie west
          • Meal cost will be full 21 meal for summer in the fall
          • Ron will continue to update us on the progress of this project.


  • Jennifer McConville has accepted the position of Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations


 This meeting was adjourned at 1:23pm. Our next dean’s council meeting will be Wednesday February 11th.