Dean's Council Minutes - July 22, 2015

Department COVID-19 Updates:

Dean's Council Minutes Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Ron Rosati, Scott Mickelsen, Glenn Jackson, Eric Reed(absent), Brad Ramsdale(absent), Dottie Evans, Doug Smith, Barb Berg, Jennifer McConville(absent), Mary Rittenhouse, Catherine Hauptman (recorder)

 The NCTA Dean’s Council Meeting was called to order at 8:04 a.m. with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Rosati welcomed everyone to the meeting


  • Doug moved to approve the minutes as written, Mary 2nd, motion carried.


  • State Wide Advisory
    • Each council member had the agenda in front of them.
    • Catherine and Jennifer will make sure campus is clean, air conditioning is turned down, and food is ready to go.
    • Ron went over each agenda item.
    • A survey is attached to the agenda
    • NEWBA tour is smaller than expected. Jill Brown has confirmed that there will be 3 possibly 4 people for the VIP tour.
    • Division chairs please send Mary Crawford one page of information on your division.
    • Catherine will be emailing the Strategic Plan Appendix so it may be updated
  • Dean’s council retreat
    • Each council member had the agenda in front of them.
    • The meeting will now be starting at 8:15 AM.
    • No comments or suggestions were brought up by the council.
  • Faculty/Staff in-service agenda
    • Motivational speakers are needed for the in-service
      • Doug recommended Jeff Hazen and Billy Riggs. Mary recommended Brandon Bennetts. Scott will pursue this information next week. Mary, Doug and anyone else who have ideas please send the contact information to Scott.
      • Suggestions were made to add accreditation feedback to the survey. Also sections to have staff add their comments.
      • Catherine will add the calendar of events to the folder she hands out.
      • Prerequisites for the Faculty part were added to the agenda
      • No other comments or concerns were made.
  • Dottie gave Dean’s council an update on accreditation
  • The criterion writers are finishing up and everything looks good.


  • Comments need to be in writing or on the website by the end of February. Venues where the public announcement should be made: NCTA website, Frontier county newspaper, North Platte newspaper, McCook newspaper, Letter to advisory council members, alumni newsletter, letter to donors, NCTA feedback.
  • Dottie will get the notice to Mary today for the Alumni newsletter
  • Dottie would like Ron to talk about this at the State Wide advisory
  • Each division chair will send a letter to their advisory committees. Scott would also like to add the k-12 partners and also put notices up on poster boards around town.
  • Please send your contact information to Dottie and she will continue to work on this.


  • Scott has been working with Eric on prerequisites with English and math. They actually implemented it last year.

o  Vicky does this manually by checking each person’s ACT scores.

  • Scott and Eric will further discuss when Eric is back on campus.
  • If students do not come to NCTA with an ACT or compass score it will be assumed that they need to be placed in a remedial class unless the information is provided.
  • Barb would like to make sure Intermediate and College Algebra are at times that most students are able to get to.
  • Scott would like each division chair to send their prerequisites to him.


  • They have 2 master teachers that could teach our chemistry class if need be for NCTA.
  • Scott is talking to Joni from MPCC but no new updates since our last discussion.
  • Scott will continue to work on this and will update us when necessary.


  • Each council member had the dual credit policy in front of them for review
  • Ron asked Catherine to fix the formatting of the document.
  • Catherine will send out to Dean’s council member for review and we will approve at another Dean’s council when the document is complete.


  • Jan Gilbert hopes to have this position posted by Friday in People Admin.


  • Each council member was given a copy of the faculty qualifications policy.
  • We don’t have clarification from HLC on occupational experience to be able to finalize this policy.
  • Jennifer is working on a chart with each faculty’s credentials and we will further discuss at the dean’s council retreat.


  • Please read through the policy and give feedback at our next dean’s council for approval


  • Doug Smith will be the point of contact for this with Dan Stehlik helping.
  • NCTA was approached by the State FFA association to host the State Ag mechanics program.
  • We have never been associated with this contest before.
  • Eventually it may lead to NCTA doing skill training for not only ag mechanics but other areas as well.


  • Ron had the dean’s council review the current organizational chart.
  • At this time the Dean’s council had no changes or concerns with the org chart.
  • The council would like APS changed to” An. Sci./Ag. Ed. TBA” in the Division chair box and administrative associate.
  • Mary moved that we approve the chart as amended, Doug 2nd, motion carried.
  • The NCTA organizational chart was approved as amended. It will be put on the web and emailed to faculty and staff.  It is to be effective at the start of fall semester.


  • Each council member was given the current Emergency Plan for NCTA.
  • Please review the plan and give your changes to Scott so he may have Linda edit and change.
  • This agenda item will be brought back to Dean’s council.


  • Ron went over the agenda with each council member for the Rural Futures Conference.
  • We would ask that classes not be held from 3pm into the evening for Wednesday. We would encourage all students to participate in this conference.
  • There is an opportunity for poster presentations and Ted style talks.
  • Catherine will send a notice around campus to remind everyone of the events.
  • We will have this on our agenda for Dean’s council in two weeks.


  • The Dean’s council reviewed updated events on campus.


  • Diversity Plan

o  This plan is written and is held up in Lincoln for review. When it is finished we will bring back to Dean’s council for review.


 The Dean’s Council adjourned at 9:25 AM. The next meeting will be August 5th at 8 AM in the Ag Hall conference room.