Dean's Council Minutes - March 20, 2015

Department COVID-19 Updates:

Dean's Council Minutes Friday, March 20, 2015


Ron Rosati, Scott Mickelsen, Jan Gilbert, Eric Reed, Brad Ramsdale, Doug Smith, Barb Berg, Jo Bek, Paul Clark, Catherine (Recorder), Dottie Evans

The NCTA Dean’s Council Meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Rosati welcomed everyone to the meeting


  • Minutes were approved by Dean’s Council as written


  • Dr. Rosati wanted to clarify the budget status.
  • Next year’s budget
    • Currently working on getting a handle on next year’s budget
    • Additional  expenses  may include:
      • Aggie East Traditional -  fire suppression by 2017
      • Short staffing issues and faculty raises
      • Balance the farm operation’s budget
      • A half-time faculty for Ag mechanics
      • Reaccreditation costs
      • Various sources of income:
        • Reduce temporary staff
        • Review faculty workloads and possibly limit adjunct faculty
        • Increased appropriations
        • Increasing NCTA tuition
          • Increase enrollment or possible Board of Regents approved across-the-board tuition increases
          • Tightening  number of scholarships awarded
  • Operating budget
    • Operating budgets are the same amounts as last year
      • Doing two phases of distribution of operating however.
      • 70% will be allocated now and the remaining 30% will go through the budgeting process
    • Budget requests have gone out and are due April 3rd to the business office.
    • Reminder that temporary and student workers are included in division budgets


    • Deadline for fall hiring is coming up
      • Faculty need to submit paperwork for adjuncts as soon as possible in order to define a budget.
      • A separate fund will be set up for adjuncts salaries.
      • The amount will be TBD
      • Another purpose for submitting hiring paperwork now is to assess which adjuncts are returning; then the contracts will be issued for hiring.
      • This process doesn’t include  summer adjuncts
        • Should a separate process for hiring summer adjuncts be established?
          • Jan can extend the form or create a new one for summer adjuncts and return to our next Dean’s Council meeting.
          • Extra contractual faculty ex) Judy Bowmaster who teaches in the summer


    • No questions or comments were made regarding these policies at this time.
    • Dean’s Council will revisit the three policies at the next meeting with current versions.


    • Please review the faculty and staff evaluation timelines.


    • Jennifer recommended NCTA should start Fall 2015 with students having an NU ID card.
        • Faculty and staff are responsible for their own NU ID cards with students billed for the cost of the card ($15). All faculty and staff are required to have an NU ID by fall 2015.
        • Doug moved to have NU ID cards for students and NCTA employees. All members of Dean’s Council were in favor of this motion.
          • An amendment was offered by Paul to clarify that all employees and students will purchase their own NU ID cards.  All members of Dean’s Council were in favor.
          • Scott will add this action item to the Student Handbook and post for students. He will also move forward with adding this to NCTA student fees.
          • Jennifer will obtain costs of student ID’s for and employee ID’s when she is in Lincoln next week.
          • Jan will follow up with Cindy Fritsche on issue of student’s losing their meal cards.
            • Until fall 2015, if a student loses their meal card NCTA will replace it.
            • Next fall, students will be required to show the NU ID with the meal card.

       LARGE BUS

          • Jeremy Sievers is currently the only person authorized to drive the large bus for school field trips.
          • Some concerns regarding the large bus:
            • Dean’s Council asked if NCTA is keeping the large bus. Also concerned about the safety of the bus.
              • Is supposed to be used as a transit bus
              • Has a small engine and tends to break down a lot.
              • If we keep the large bus we need to have it kept in excellent working condition along with any of our other state vehicles.
              • Paul recommended that the business office should do an assessment of transportation needs.
                • Jennifer and Jan will move forward with possible options other than the large bus for large group transportation. Ex) Having more large passenger vans available on campus.


          • Tuition change recommendations for NCTA senior citizen and dual credit rates
            • Senior citizen tuition is a 25% decrease for non-degree seeking individuals.
            • Dual credit should be increased to align with standard, competitive rates.
            • Jennifer will discuss tuition with Jeff Bassford.
            • Adjunct Faculty
              • Eric will inform Dr. Rosati about adjunct teaching needs for the fall.
              • Jan will evaluate the contract for faculty on medical leave and will present information to executive staff.

       This meeting was adjourned at 1:25 p.m. The next Dean’s Council meeting will be at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, March 26th in Dr. Rosati’s office.