Dean's Council Minutes - March 26, 2015

Department COVID-19 Updates:

Dean's Council Minutes Thursday, March 26, 2015


Ron Rosati, Scott Mickelsen, Jan Gilbert, Eric Reed (absent), Brad Ramsdale, Doug Smith, Barb Berg, Jo Bek, Paul Clark, Catherine (Recorder), Dottie Evans, Jennifer McConville

The NCTA Dean’s Council Meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. with the above referenced individuals in attendance.


  • Dr. Rosati welcomed everyone to the meeting


  • Minutes were approved by Dean’s Council as written


  • Jan Gilbert handed out the policy for NCTA Faculty summer remuneration and it was reviewed by each council member.
  • Barb Berg and Dr. Doug Smith will be teaching in the summer. They are each 12 month faculty.
  • Judy Bowmaster is a 9 month faculty for Vet Tech who is a contractual faculty for the summer.
  • Dr. Rosati stated that he would like to see summer classes grow.
  • A summer policy or procedure on summer courses needs to be reviewed.
    • Scott suggested adding this into the faculty work load policy that already exists
    • This policy should outline: courses offered, lengths of the session, division chair appointments, and what to do with low enrolled courses
  • Paul suggested putting a block of classes together for the summer
    • Expand Earn to Learn for summer and have jobs available on campus for students.
  • Scott will work on this policy with Dr. Rosati and bring to Dean’s Council when complete.


  • Each of the new policies were handed out to the council members to review.
  • Faculty Qualifications policy
    • The council suggested adding a paragraph to state that anyone hired with a Bachelor’s degree will need to obtain their Master’s degree in 5 years.
    • Also state that faculty hired with a Master’s are encouraged to get their Doctorate
    • Promotion and Rank Policy
      • Council members had no issue with this at this time.
      • Faculty work load
        • Adjunct teaching load needs to be worked into this policy.
        • Teaching expectation for fulltime faculty is 15 credit hours with service hours and 18 credit hours with no service hours.
        • Section D – low-enrollment policy minimal of 8 students
        • A concern was made by Barb Berg about having multiple sections of one class. Her question was if we can we code it as one section?
          • 700 and 500 is same. 700 off and 500 in on campus.
          • All 800 sections are dual credit ex) total up your 800 series and that is the count we go by for enrollment
          • Scott will work with Vicky to explore making fewer sections for on and off campus students. Dual credit will still have to be the same
          • Full time faculty members teaching low-enrolled sections will be compensated according to dual credit policy. Adjuncts teaching low enrolled online or dual credit can be compensated on a prorated basis as detailed in the dual credit policy.
          • Scott will add summer work load to the dual credit policy along with renumeration policies.
          • At the next Dean’s Council meeting we will discuss whether enrollment minimum is 8 or 12. We will also discuss the different sections of classes.


  • The Dean’s Council Selected a list of graduation speakers.


  • A draft for the President’s visit was distributed.

Each division chair was asked to please have their areas cleaned up for April 14th.


  • None at this time

 This meeting was adjourned at 3:20PM. The next Dean’s Council meeting will be at 12:00PM Friday April 3rd in the Ag Hall Conference room.