Dual Credit and Agricultural Academy Available Courses

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These courses are offered in Fall and Spring of each year.

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ECN 1103: Intro to Agricultural Economics (NDE #011010)

Mary Rittenhouse

AGR 1011: Agriculture Careers (NDE #019934)

Brad Ramsdale, PhD

AGR 1103: Crop Science (NDE #019931)

Brad Ramsdale, PhD

AGR 1213 Natural Resources Management (NDE #013002)

Brad Ramsdale, PhD

ASI 1253: Nutrition (NDE #019930)

David Smith

ASI 1303: Animal Management (NDE #011005)

Doug Smith, PhD

ASI 2203: Feeds and Feeding (NDE #19932)

David Smith

ASI 2753: Beef Production Systems (NDE #011004)

David Smith

VTE 2821: Radiation Safety (NDE #019933)

Barbara Berg

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