The NCTA Heifer Link program was started at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in January, 2015, as part of the Ownership Advantage Program. Through Heifer Link, students have the opportunity to be assigned a breeding heifer during their fourth semester and upon graduation leave campus with a bred heifer.

This innovative program requiring student management, hands-on sweat equity, a sound business plan and commitment to the Nebraska cattle industry allows the student to get a jump start into the cattle business. With proven success on campus, the student will become owner of a first heifer to call their own and begin their herd.

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How it works
All interested students must submit an application on campus. Approved students are assigned a yearling breeding heifer for their final semester on campus. Students will be responsible for managing the nutrition, reproduction and overall health of the heifer. NCTA faculty will assist the students as they work through the program.

Heifer Link Student Application

Students ask Dr. Smith about Heifer Link
Dr. Doug Smith, NCTA animal science division chair, 308-367-5286, E-mail to, or call the NCTA Animal Science division at 308-367-5293.
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 Donate to Heifer Link
For cattle producers and program donors, Heifer Link provides an opportunity to invest in a young producer and leader through industry mentoring, and heifer support (either animal or financial contribution to NCTA/University of Nebraska-Foundation, Heifer Link Fund #13377).

Cash donation of $2,000 to Fund Heifer Link Program (#13377), or a yearling heifer.

Heifer Link Donation Criteria

Friends: Support a Heifer in the Herd
Kristen Houska, University of Nebraska Foundation,  Phone: 402-458-1245, e-mail:

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