Horse Boarding Options

Horse Boarding
For NCTA Students

Ron Gilliland - 308.367.6434

Located south of Curtis across the river and has box stalls in barn and outside
stalls with runs, or small pens. The boarding facility also has a tack room and an
outdoor arena where boarders are allowed to ride anytime.

Chad Rajdl 308.660.3876

Located south of Curtis across the river and has multiple size pens with shelter.
The facility also has a small indoor working area and outdoor area to ride.

Judy Nutt - 308.367.8307 or 308.367.7251

This boarding facility is located north of NCTA, and has pens with or without
shelter along with areas to park trailers and store hay. It also has a round pen, a
tack room, and is within walking distance of NCTA.

Alan Taylor - 308.366.8662

Facility is located in Curtis across the street from Aggie West dorm. There are
pens with shelter as well as an area to park trailers and has tack storage if

Ted Lashley 308.367.7451

Is located 5 miles south and west of Curtis and has big pens with or without
shelters. There are also stalls and areas to park trailers