Academic Council

The Academic Council will have the authority and the responsibility to examine, study, and establish procedures and policies for any matters concerned with the curriculum of the College, subject to review by the faculty.

The committee will act on behalf of the faculty, after faculty approval or input, on all matters dealing with curriculum which include such items as: new courses, credit hour changes, course prerequisites, course descriptions, establishment of majors, deleting majors, establishment of certificate programs and other items as seen necessary by the committee.

The Committee will have the authority for approving, rejecting, or modifying student requests dealing with substitution or waiver of courses.  Student requests should be forwarded through the advisor, the Division Chair and the Registrar.

The Academic Council will hear appeals from students on grades received in the College.


Ron Rosati


Brad Ramsdale, Doug Smith, Eric Reed, Barb Berg, Mary Rittenhouse, Joanna Hergenreder, Kevin Martin, Vicky Luke (recorder)