Department COVID-19 Updates:

New Student Enrollment Feedback Form

Thank you for joining us today at New Student Enrollment.  To help improve our process, please provide us with your feedback.

Today Is Required
Today I... Required
Today I... Required
Admissions Forms Required
Previously SubmittedCompleted TodayThis is Not CompletedN/A
Pre-Enrollment Health Requirement Form Required
Immunization Record Required
Safety and Pregnancy Policy Required
Permission to Release Information Form Required
Liability Waiver (only for students under the age of 18) Required
Vehicle Registration Required
Housing Forms
Previously SubmittedCompleted TodayThis is Not CompletedN/A
NCTA Housing Request Form
Missing Student Information Form
Roommate Preference Form
Personal Data and Emergency Information
Paid My Housing Deposit
Today I... Required
Learned about what to expect during my time at NCTA Required
Met with an academic advisor to develop a class schedule/degree plan Required
Enrolled in my fall courses Required
Completed and submitted any unfinished admissions forms Required
Completed and submitted any unfinished housing forms Required
Register for disability accommodations (IEP or 504 plan) Required
Met with a financial aid specialist to discuss or finalize awards Required
Met some of my future classmates Required
Purchased my books from the bookstore Required
Made a decision about health insurance Required
Learned more about horse or livestock boarding Required
Registered my computing devices for WiFi Required
Got my personal computer questions answered Required