Career success ranks high for NCTA grads

Career success ranks high for NCTA grads

Wade Shipman discusses an agricultural finance seminar with Mary Rittenhouse, division chair of NCTA Agribusiness Management Systems. (Crawford, NCTA News)
Wade Shipman discusses an agricultural finance seminar with Mary Rittenhouse, division chair of NCTA Agribusiness Management Systems. (Crawford, NCTA News)

Aug. 23, 2017

By Mary Crawford, NCTA News                                                                    

CURTIS, Neb. – Wade Shipman’s career success is characteristic of Aggie graduates from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture.

After graduating with an associate degree in agribusiness management, the Ohio native pursued his dream of working in agribusiness, living in a rural area and starting his own beef cattle herd.

Shipman and other alumni of NCTA have once again put their alma mater on the national landscape, this time earning the two-year institution affiliated with the University of Nebraska system a title as the top two-year college in the state, and seventh overall in the nation. 

An external entity, called, ranked two-year colleges across the country based on the career success of their graduates.

“NCTA prepared me very well for my career choice in agribusiness management and agriculture production,” said Shipman, 33, an assistant vice president with Western Nebraska Bank in Curtis, where he heads agricultural portfolios along with commercial and consumer lending.

Ratings of 10 years of career earnings records for college graduates was one marker of success, found at the online news article,

Zippia conducted its assessment using federal government data, including tax records, and databases in College Scorecard and IPEDS.

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is the federal source for educational information and surveys of U.S. colleges, universities, technical and vocational institutions.

When surveyed, Shipman and other NCTA graduates say they appreciate the career opportunities afforded by a high quality, low-cost technical education.

Career placement and successful, work-ready graduates is a hallmark of NCTA, says Ron Rosati, NCTA dean.

“We are pleased to see once again that NCTA’s educational programs and the skills of our students receive positive reviews by employers and those who evaluate college performance,” Rosati said.

“Results such as these are due to the skill and dedication of our faculty and staff added to the work ethic, intelligence and passion of our students.”

Shipman moved to Nebraska as an out-of-state resident.  He left Ohio 15 years ago to join the U.S. Marine Corps. After military service which took him abroad, he applied benefits of the G.I. Bill to fund his education at NCTA.

In addition to banking and managing his cattle herd, Shipman is active in the community with the chamber of commerce, Rotary club, and Southwest Region Affiliate of the Nebraska Cattlemen.

He also is a mentor with the NCTA Agribusiness Management Systems division, and serves with the AMS Advisory Council.

NCTA, a high school-turned-college in 1965, has received five national ratings in the past two years.

Awards include being listed among the Top 30 Trade Schools by Forbes, the top 10 percent of two-year colleges by the Aspen Institute, the top 2 percent of two-year colleges by Wallet Hub, and a Top Associate Degree Producer by Community College Week.

NCTA was regionally reaccredited in 2016 by the Higher Learning Commission. Starting this fall semester, NCTA has one tuition rate of $127.50 per credit hour for all students.  Find details at or call 1-800-3CURTIS.

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