Let's Go Aggies!

First-year Aggies gather on the steps of Ag Hall during new student orientation weekend. (P/C N. Dragoo)
First-year Aggies gather on the steps of Ag Hall during new student orientation weekend. (P/C N. Dragoo)

Aug. 21, 2023

Aggie Class of' 25—Your Future Starts Here!

By Dean Larry Gossen, Ph.D.

Greetings to all from our campus, buzzing with new and returning NCTA Aggies!

I am Larry Gossen, the Dean of NCTA, and along with Associate Dean Jennifer McConville and our dedicated faculty and staff, we extend a hearty "Go Aggies" to all of our regional supporters.

Now beginning my fourth academic year as Dean, I find myself inspired daily, knowing these students are destined for success in careers vital to rural places like ours. Granted, it takes their serious commitment to engage, but if they do, we provide all the tools to get them there.

We invite you to step into a rich history spanning 110 years, where the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) today precisely represents what our founders envisioned—providing excellence in agricultural education.

We are always evolving to offer the most impactful academic programs. These are AgriBusiness, Agronomy, Ag Mechanics, Animal Science, Ag Teacher Education, Equine Industry Management, Veterinary Tech, and more.

The rural location on the northeast edge of Curtis, adjacent to over 500 acres of land (and the beloved 2,000+ acre Leu Ranch 20 minutes west), is perfect for the hands-on education we promise students. Our approach centers on practical experience, with access to animals, cutting-edge facilities, and advanced equipment. We will immerse ANY student from ANY background to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel.

The slogan "Small Campus, Big Impact" says it all. As part of the University of Nebraska system, we pride ourselves on affordable, one-rate tuition and exceptional job-placement rates. The system-wide network of outreach, research, and extension is at our fingertips.

As students embark on this transformative journey, our commitment to their success takes on many forms. Our faculty strives to address each individual's goals and provide the opportunity for industry connections in the very first semester. They'll play a pivotal role in preparing each student for their chosen career path, whether stepping into the workforce, pursuing advanced certifications, or embarking on a higher degree.

Many of our faculty do double-duty coaching competitive teams in Rodeo, Ranch Horse, Stock Dog, Shotgun Sports, Crops and Livestock Judging. In addition, many clubs, organizations, and leadership initiatives exemplify the spirit of teamwork and excellence that defines us.

The essence of NCTA lies in the warmth, friendliness, and camaraderie that characterize the campus, community, and regional network.

Students: You're now part of our Aggie family. Our entire team stands ready to support you in every aspect of your academic life. Your triumphs are our priority, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

So step into the realm of Nebraska's economic powerhouse – agriculture – even if you're new to the field. Your decision to join our close-knit community in Curtis is a choice for not only higher learning but also lifelong friendships and career connections. Let's Go Aggies!

Part of the University of Nebraska system, the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is a two-year institution with a statewide mission of preparing students for successful careers in agriculture, veterinary technology, and related industries. NCTA is known for its affordable tuition, high job-placement rate for its graduates, and student teams' success in competitive activities, including crops judging, ranch horse events, livestock judging, shotgun sports, stock dog trials, and intercollegiate rodeo. The college is consistently ranked as one of the best two-year schools in the nation.

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