On the road with the Aggies

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On the road with the Aggies

Aggie students from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture enjoyed networking at the 2019 Women in Ag Conference. (NCTA News)
Aggie students from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture enjoyed networking at the 2019 Women in Ag Conference. (NCTA News)

Feb. 13, 2020

NCTA Dean’s Message

By Interim Dean Kelly Bruns, Ph.D.

Each week I look at the calendar and am inspired with the depth of educational programs for our students here on campus at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture as well as the outreach opportunities around the state and beyond.

Take a look at the “upcoming events” and you, too, can see many times for our stakeholders and partners to engage with NCTA Aggies.

We focus our mission on academic pursuits in agricultural production, agribusiness, ag equipment and mechanics, and veterinary technology. Certainly, in our role as educators, we also intentionally outline programs for leadership, cultural arts, health, and conversations about diversity and personal growth.

Allow me to highlight a few unique opportunities:

  • Students who traveled with our Safari Club for a study trip to Costa Rica gave their public program Wednesday night at the Vet Tech amphitheater.
  • A first contest of 2020 is Saturday for our award-winning Aggie Crops Judging Team, under the direction of Dr. Brad Ramsdale.
  • The Livestock Judging Team and Dr. Doug Smith travel Friday and Saturday for events at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic in Kearney.
  • Four agribusiness students accompany Professor Jeremy Sievers to this weekend’s College Conference on Cooperatives in Minnesota.
  • A special “artist in residence” program with our talented friend and partner, Chuck Schroeder, begins Monday. Chuck will spend three days on campus while he sketches, paints, and interacts with Aggies in a type of cultural arts program never before hosted at NCTA. Join us for Monday’s reception at 5:30 p.m. and an “Artist and Aggies” program Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
  •  Throughout Feb. 19-23, NCTA sponsors an educational and outreach exhibit at the Cattlemen’s Classic in Kearney. Meet some of our students and learn why NCTA is such a unique place for an education. The booth is in the main concourse of the Expo Building.
  • I will discuss workforce development and ag careers in a panel discussion on Feb. 19th at the Nebraska Poultry Industries conference in Columbus. We train students specifically on poultry production for Nebraska’s expanding industry. NCTA has an exhibit at the two-day event.
  • Jo Bek, animal science professor emeritus, is a speaker at the 35th Annual Women in Agriculture conference Feb. 20-21 in Kearney. Look for 10 of our Aggies from NCTA’s Women in Ag Club, along with their sponsor and Agribusiness Management Professor Mary Rittenhouse. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn from mentors while engaging with inspirational and educational speakers within agriculture. I am glad our students received scholarships and raised money to attend this valuable University of Nebraska program.
  • And, finally, to conclude another great week for NCTA and our partners, the Stock Dog Team under the tutelage of Professor Judy Bowmaster-Cole and local producers Kelly Popp and Eddie Merritt, will host a public trial for stock dogs.  Spectators always enjoy the action at the indoor arena on campus. Join us Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 22-23. Admission is free!

Thank you to each individual, business and entity who assists our faculty and staff in creating a great educational institution.

I hope to see some of you Monday or Tuesday as we host Artist Schroeder at NCTA!

 NCTA is devoted to a statewide mission of preparing students for successful careers in agriculture, veterinary technology, and related industries. The college provides open access to innovative technical education resulting in associate degrees, certificates, and other credentials.

Upcoming events

Feb. 13-16 -NCTA to College Conference on Cooperatives, Minneapolis

Feb. 14-15 – Aggie Crops Team to Oklahoma Panhandle State

Feb. 14-15 – Livestock Judging Teams to Cattlemen’s Classic, Kearney

Feb. 17-23:  NCTA Booth at Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic, Kearney

Feb. 17 – Chuck Schroeder “Elders: Character Over Time” art reception, 5:30 p.m., Ed Center

Feb. 18 – Schroeder Art and Rural Leaders public program, 6:30 p.m., Ed Center

Feb. 19 – FFA Day at Cattlemen’s Classic, Kearney

Feb. 19-20 – 50th annual NE Poultry Industries Conference, Columbus

Feb. 20-21 – 35th annual Women in Agriculture Conference, Kearney

Feb. 22-23 – NCTA Stock Dog Trials, LTC Indoor Arena, 8 a.m. daily

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