A season for gratitude

We are grateful for many blessings at NCTA. (MCrawford photo)
We are grateful for many blessings at NCTA. (MCrawford photo)

By Ron Rosati, NCTA Dean

Thanksgiving is a time that we traditionally take personal inventory of blessings and the bounty in our businesses, families, churches and communities.

This is especially significant for those of us associated with the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture because the college has been the recipient of so much and we feel very grateful to be associated with this institution and its noble mission.

We appreciate our Curtis community, our region, and the many local agricultural partners who assist our faculty, staff and students. Community organizations, churches, families and individuals here in Curtis enrich our campus and daily life. Our neighbors and friends in this community help us in many ways on a regular basis. They make it easy for the college to do its job and they make it a delight to live in Curtis. For that, I am grateful.

We also feel grateful for the support we receive from the broader community in the state of Nebraska. We feel fortunate to work with the professionals in our agricultural industries such as the Nebraska Cattlemen, Farm Bureau, Nebraska’s veterinarians and Nebraska’s high school agriculture teachers. These individuals do much to help our students be successful.

NCTA receives significant support from Nebraska state agencies, including the Nebraska Legislature, Nebraska Extension, and of course our close friends and colleagues in the University of Nebraska. I am reminded many times per week that I am fortunate to have the support of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and the University system as we look for creative ways to improve the quality of our students’ education.

Our small campus in Curtis is a close-knit group of caring professionals and aspiring student leaders. The college is composed of people who are dedicated to its mission and passionate about the work they do. From those who serve as residence hall assistants in student life, to the adjunct and fulltime faculty on our academic staff, we are fortunate to work with these compassionate colleagues. The faculty and staff at NCTA demonstrate on a regular basis that they are at the college because they believe in its mission. Their work is a calling, not just a job.

Our faculty, staff and students feel fortunate to be working in the discipline of agriculture. We share a common thread of respect and passion for a profession that allows us to care for livestock, grow crops, keep animals healthy, and produce a safe and nutritious food supply for a growing and hungry world.

One of the primary reasons faculty and staff work in this profession is because of the ability to interact with students. We appreciate being in the privileged position of spending so much time with these bright and charismatic young minds. Our students bring energy, enthusiasm and optimism to our campus. The lives of our faculty and staff are enriched because of the time they spend with students. We appreciate having that interaction.

We also appreciate the ability to live in a country and state where we are free from war and poverty; where we have clean water, cheap electricity, ample food supply and the freedom to move about as we choose. Specifically, in Nebraska, we feel fortunate to be free from traffic congestion and air pollution. We appreciate our friendly neighbors, the strong work ethic in our community, the ability to live a rural lifestyle and the low cost of living.

Thanksgiving is an important time because it helps us remember how much we have to be thankful for. From our NCTA family to yours on this week of gratefulness, we express deep gratitude for our agricultural harvest, educational bounty and generosity of mentors and supporters.

Happy Thanksgiving from our NCTA campus to your home!

~ Ron Rosati, NCTA Dean

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