Two NCTA Leaders Honored Statewide

Two NCTA Leaders Honored Statewide

(L-R) NCTA instructor Dan Stehlik, Dean Larry Gossen, and Associate Dean Jennifer McConville at the Nebraska Career Education Conference Awards luncheon in Kearney on June 4, 2024. Mr. Stehik received the ACTEN Lifetime Achievement Award, and Dr. McConville was named Administrator of the Year.
(L-R) NCTA instructor Dan Stehlik, Dean Larry Gossen, and Associate Dean Jennifer McConville at the Nebraska Career Education Conference Awards luncheon in Kearney on June 4, 2024. Mr. Stehik received the ACTEN Lifetime Achievement Award, and Dr. McConville was named Administrator of the Year.

June 11, 2024

By Dean Larry Gossen, Ph. D.

Associate Dean Jennifer McConville is ACTEN's Administrator of the Year

Four years ago, I embarked upon my first career experience in higher education and found the perfect administrative partner in Dr. Jennifer McConville. So, it is with immense pride to share that Jennifer received well-deserved accolades last week as the Association of Career and Technical Education of Nebraska (ACTEN) Administrator of the Year.

Jennifer's dedication to student support, belief in the "Maslow before Bloom" philosophy, and relentless pursuit of resources to ensure every student's success have set her apart. She works tirelessly with both academic and non-academic staff to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, including those with learning disabilities and 504 plans.

A champion of technological integration in education, Jennifer collaborates with Nebraska industries to develop curricula that align with workforce demands. Her efforts in securing grants and partnerships have brought cutting-edge technology and innovative practices to our classrooms, enriching the learning experience and preparing students for the future.

Beyond NCTA, Jennifer's leadership extends to her role as the President-Elect and past Administration Division representative for ACTEN and as an ACTE Region V Fellow. Her involvement in these roles showcases her commitment to leadership development and advancing Career and Technical Education (CTE) broadly.

Jennifer's innovative spirit shines in her continuous pursuit of professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. She facilitates events, workshops, and industry engagements that keep our educators and students at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements.

Her dedication to fostering partnerships with business and industry leaders, as well as her efforts in community engagement, highlight her unwavering commitment to aligning CTE programs with local market needs and enhancing student opportunities.

Jennifer's exceptional leadership, innovative contributions, and unwavering commitment to student success make her a true asset to NCTA and the broader CTE community. It is a pleasure to serve with her, and again, we congratulate her on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to her continued impact on the future of Career and Technical Education.

Dan Stehlik Honored with ACTEN Lifetime Achievement Award

For one individual educator to have the capacity to teach a wide range of critical hands-on agricultural mechanic skills is rare. For that person to have the passion and devote their life to that mission is profound. With that said, I am overjoyed to announce that Dan Stehlik, our esteemed Ag Mechanic instructor, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association for Career and Technical Education of Nebraska (ACTEN) at the NCE Conference in Kearney. This award recognizes Dan's exceptional contributions to Career and Technical Education (CTE) and his unwavering dedication to preparing students for successful careers in agriculture and related fields.

Dan began his career as a high school agricultural educator in 1986, and his leadership and commitment have made a significant impact. Since joining NCTA in 2015, Dan has played a crucial role in enhancing our Ag Mechanic program. His technical expertise and passion for education have prepared students for immediate employment and further academic goals in agricultural education. Under his guidance, students have acquired essential skills that contribute to their success in the workforce and as aspiring ag teachers.

Dan's involvement with the Nebraska FFA State Convention portrays his dedication. Since 2016, he has co-supervised the Nebraska FFA Ag Technology and Mechanics Career Development Event (CDE), testing high school competitors in real-world skills and knowledge. During this event, Dan guides our NCTA students to manage event registration, monitoring, and tabulation. His efforts provide valuable learning experiences, equipping students with practical skills and fostering industry connections.

Beyond the classroom, Dan founded the Ag Mechanics Club at NCTA in 2021 and co-advises the Plant & Prairie Club. He is a past president of the NCTA Faculty Senate and collaborates with the NCTA Farm Committee. His community involvement includes roles with the Medicine Valley Chamber of Commerce, Frontier County 4-H, and the Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association.

Dan's innovative teaching philosophy has led to significant program developments at NCTA, including establishing the American Welding Society (AWS) certification, a two-semester Irrigation Technician Certificate, and a three-semester Welding Certificate. His partnerships with industry leaders ensure our students receive current and relevant education.

Dan Stehlik's recognition by ACTEN is among several during my tenure at NCTA, and the Lifetime Achievement Award is a testament to his broad appeal to colleagues and commitment to student success. Please join me in celebrating Dan's remarkable achievements and contributions to NCTA and the agricultural workforce.

Part of the University of Nebraska system, the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is a two-year institution with a statewide mission of preparing students for successful careers in agriculture, veterinary technology, and related industries. NCTA is known for its affordable tuition, high job-placement rate for its graduates and the success of student teams in competitive activities, including crops judging, ranch horse events, livestock judging, shotgun sports, stock dog trials, and intercollegiate rodeo. The college is consistently ranked as one of the best two-year schools in the nation.




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