Dan Stehlik

Daniel Stehlik Ag Mechanics Lecturer

  • Welding Certificate in D1.1 steel (2007) & D1.2 aluminum (2014), American Welding Society, Reinke Manufacturing
  • B.S., General Agriculture & Agriculture Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1986
  • A.S., Production Agriculture, University of Nebraska School of Technical Agriculture, 1975
  • 19 years experience with adult instruction in Community Colleges in Nebraska & Kansas
  • 25+ years education experience with High School Agriculture Programs in Nebraska & Kansas
  • 25+ years experience with Diversified Crop & Livestock Enterprises

My teaching philosophy is to make learning fun, practical, and transferrable. My greatest teaching success is former students becoming successful in their hometown communities.

I am currently involved with a wool textile study and previously a study with ovine Foot and Mouth prevention, both from Kansas State University.

I am largely involved with sheep production promotion in Nebraska.

My advice to students; "Your checkbook will be the most expensive textbook you will ever own."