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Poultry Production Program

Poultry Production Program AAS -

Starting with the Fall 2018 semester, NCTA has provided access to an Associate of Applied Science degree program designed to develop skilled operators and managers for commercial poultry operations located in the Great Plains and Midwest. Nebraska’s poultry industry is expanding rapidly and demanding a skilled workforce. Sample job titles include broiler house manager, hatchery worker, hatchery manager, and egg production facility manager.

How does it work?  Students are admitted to the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture and spend three semesters in Curtis. For one semester, students will attend Mississippi State University for intensive, hands-on commercial poultry production. Graduates receive an Associate of Applied Science degree from NCTA. They may enter the poultry industry immediately or can transfer to a bachelor’s of science in animal science at UNL or a bachelor’s of science in poultry science at MSU.

What are the program advantages?  This high-quality, low-cost partnership provides an ideal opportunity for students to access a pragmatic curriculum designed to produce successful poultry operation managers. In 2017, NCTA was ranked as the number one U.S. two-year college for graduate career success ( The Department of Poultry Science at Mississippi State University is one of only six poultry science departments in the U.S. Poultry is the number one commodity in Mississippi, contributing $2.7 billion to the economy annually. The MSU poultry science courses are high quality and practical with graduates realizing a 100 percent placement rate.

What does it cost? NCTA tuition for 2020-21 is $139 per credit hour. For one semester, students will pay resident tuition at Mississippi State University. Financial aid is available. In 2016-17, 73 percent of NCTA students received grants and scholarships which exceeded the cost of tuition and fees.

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  • Operation Managers
  • Poultry Grower
  • Poultry Farm Manager
  • Hatchery Worker
  • Hatchery Manager
  • Egg Production Facility Manager

Courses Offered

Year 1 Fall Semester Schedule

  • ASI 1011 Introduction to Animal Science
  • AIT 1083 Software Productivity
  • ASI 1253 Nutrition
  • AEQ 1513 AC Circuit Analysis
  • ASI 1104 Fundamentals of Animal Biology
  • ASI 2383 Diseases and Pharmacology
  • PSY 1011 Learning Communities
  • AEQ 1501 Introduction to Electric Code

Year 1 Spring Semester Schedule

  • PO 3313 Commercial Poultry Production (via distance from Mississippi State)
  • ENG 1503 Business and Technical Writing or ENG 1903 College Composition
  • AGR 1171 Farm Equipment Safety
  • ASI 1303 Animal Management
  • ABM 2963 Farm Records
  • SPC 1103 Sales Communication
  • AED 1023 Interpersonal Leadership Skills

Summer Semester Schedule – On site at commercial operation

  • ASI 2906 Internship (Poultry Industry)

Year 2 Fall Semester Schedule – Off Campus (Mississippi State University)

  • PO 4313 Management of Commercial Layers
  • PO 4334 Broiler Production
  • PO 4413 Poultry Nutrition
  • PO 4514 Poultry Processing
  • Directed Individual Study

Year 2 Spring Semester Schedule

  • AEQ 2303 Equipment Preventative Maintenance
  • ASI 2313 Ration Formulation
  • ASI 2854 Farm and Ranch Management
  • MKT 2203 Agriculture Marketing
  • AGR 2943 Capstone

Total Credit Hours for Degree 77

    Associated Clubs and Teams

    • Collegiate 4-H/FFA
    • Farm Bureau Club
    • Phi Theta Kappa
    • Student Ambassadors
    • Student Senate

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