Department COVID-19 Updates:

Sexual Assault Resources

NCTA encourages any person subjected to sexual misconduct to seek assistance and support. There are several resources available to you.

Call 911

If there is a crime in progress or you need immediate medical care or safety measures, call 911.

Seek Help from Law Enforcement

Contact Frontier County Sheriff ‘s office to seek safety measures or report a crime. UPD is obligated to report allegations of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator for investigation of Title IX violations.

Frontier County Sherriff
308 Center Ave.
Curtis, NE 69024

Seek Medical Care

Contact a Medical Facility if you need medical care or a rape kit.

Curtis Medical Centre
302 E. 6th
Curtis, NE 69025


Talk to a friend, parent or other supportive person.

NCTA encourages you to report to local law enforcement and university authorities any sexual harassment or misconduct directed toward you. However, not everyone is ready to make such a call or report concerns right away. Your safety and welfare is of utmost concern to the university. Therefore, to the extent you are not ready to report to local or campus authorities, we encourage you to seek guidance from those closest to you. When doing so, please keep in mind the university’s obligations to investigate received reports.

Confidential Resources

There are certain individuals on campus and in the community who you can talk to in near complete confidence. These individuals have no responsibility to take action, report to law enforcement, or report to the university the information you share with them, so long as the individual is acting in their role as counselor, advocate, medical provider, or attorney at the time you share your concerns. Please be advised, if you share your concerns only with these individuals, the university will not conduct an investigation unless you take further action to inform campus authorities of your concerns, or the university learns about your situation from another source.

The following are NCTA confidential contacts:

UNL Victim Advocate
(402) 472-3553

While Confidential Resources do not have an obligation to take action or to initiate a campus investigation, they do have an obligation to report statistical information regarding some crimes, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking to campus police for the purpose of annual crime statistic reporting. They may also have an obligation to report non-identifying information to the Title IX Coordinator for the purpose of addressing campus climate. Medical providers may have a responsibility to report certain crimes to local law enforcement as required by state law.

The following are persons outside of the NCTA community who you may talk to on a confidential basis and who do not have any reporting obligation to NCTA:

  • Pastors of your choice.
  • Licensed psychologists, therapists or counselors. Some of these providers will charge a fee for their services. Here are some community providers:
    • Ambience Counseling (provide through NCTA) 308-345-4067
    • Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services (DASAS) 800-828-2023